Still From Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan
Still From Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan

Aren’t Prakash Jha and Gaffarbhai Nadiadwala taking a risk by releasing their AARAKSHAN during Ramzan?


– To offset the risk of releasing a big film like Aarakshan during Ramzan, there are two things which go in the producers’ favour: the national holiday for Independence Day on the first Monday after release, making it a four-day weekend, and lack of opposition – there aren’t any major releases since two weeks and there won’t be any for two more weeks after the release of Aarakshan.

Why did CHILLAR PARTY not reap the advantage of tax exemption in Maharashtra?

– Tax exemption helps only films which have been accepted by the public or those with saleable stars in them.

What will come of the tussle between the multiplexes and the Hollywood studios over revenue sharing?

– The two parties will have to sit down and formulate an agreement. And they would be well-advised to do this as soon as possible. For, they can’t be fighting over revenues every week!

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  1. komal why dont u take only intresting questions concentrated towards box office collections.
    i advice u to start reading question answer column.

    the questions you select are absolutely trash.


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