Padmaavat is on its journey to crave its way in the super-rare 300 crore club. The movie has just passed the 286 crore mark and going by the trend it should achieve this grand target. Out of all, this surely has been huge for Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone.


The movie earned 14.03 crores in its 4th week at the box office. It entered its 5th week by collecting 1 crore on its 5th Friday. It showed a notable jump collecting 1.56 crores on its 5th Saturday and 2.02 crores on its 5th Saturday.


Check out the weekly collection of the film –

Week 1: 166.50 crores
Week 2: 69.50 crores
Week 3: 31.75 crores
Week 4: 14.03 crores
Weekend 5: 4.46 crores
Total: 286.24 crores


“What better gift can I expect than this wholehearted acceptance of my film? There were threats and risks of violence and yet families all across the country went to see Padmaavat. It gives me feeling of tremendous gratitude.

“I’ve been through so much during the past year, I am numbed. It is baffling why the situation was allowed to get out of hand in the first place. I can only thank the audience for going to see my film in spite of the threats,” said Bhansali, whose one big fear is that the fringe elements will target other films.

“I don’t think Padmaavat is the end of it (the protests). This is just the beginning,” added the filmmaker.

Ranveer Singh, about Padmaavat, said: “It’s doing something I had never imagined. It’s one of those rare films that sort of encompasses everything, be it critical acclaim, commercial success or love of the audience.”

He said that Padmaavat is one of those rare movies that can be remembered 10-15 years down the line and people will still appreciate it then because of its timeless quality.





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