Magadheera fails to impress the audience as it re-released on Ram Charan's birthday
Magadheera fails to impress the audience as it re-released on Ram Charan’s birthday (Photo Credit – IMDb)

SS Rajamouli’s Magadheera is a period action film from 2009 that features Ram Charan and Kajal Aggarwal. It’s a movie that has made a mark in the history of Telugu cinema. It was a blockbuster when it was first released, breaking box office records and setting new industry standards. However, the recent re-release of the film on Ram Charan’s birthday tells a different story. Even though it’s a magnum opus, the film’s box office legacy is now surrounded by controversy. Let’s explore the complex box office journey of Magadheera across its two theatrical releases.

Magadheera’s Theatrical Domination In 2009

Magadheera’s release in 2009 was a phenomenon. The high-octane action sequences, coupled with its captivating love story and Rajamouli’s exceptional direction, resonated deeply with audiences. It broke numerous box office records, grossing a reported Rs 104 crore worldwide. This success cemented Magadheera’s place as a landmark film in Tollywood. However, the figure has since been called into question.

SS Rajamouli’s Shocking Revelation in 2017 and a Disappointing Second Innings in 2024

In 2017, director SS Rajamouli made a surprising revelation to Hindustan Times. He admitted that the box office numbers for Magadheera’s initial release were inflated, which puts the film’s perceived commercial success into question. Rajamouli blamed producer Allu Aravind for this, as Aravind had publicised that Magadheera ran for 100 days in many theatres. When Rajamouli confronted him about it, Aravind claimed that he didn’t want to inflate the numbers but had to do so because of pressure from fans. As a result of this disagreement, Rajamouli did not attend Magadheera‘s success party.

Further dampening the mood, the much-anticipated re-release of Magadheera in 2024 fell flat. Contrary to expectations, the film failed to recapture its initial magic. Reports suggest extremely low occupancy rates throughout the release, with the exception of a few fan shows. This underwhelming response stands in stark contrast to the thunderous applause it received over a decade ago.

Magadheera vs Orange

Interestingly, this underwhelming performance by Magadheera comes on the heels of a wildly successful re-release of another Ram Charan film, Orange. Released on Charan’s birthday last year, Orange, which was a massive flop during its initial run in 2010, smashed box office records. It grossed over 3.2 crores and recorded very high occupancy rates worldwide. The overwhelming popularity of Orange even led to additional screens being added to accommodate audience demand. This stark contrast between the box office fortunes of Magadheera and Orange’s re-releases highlights audience reception’s unpredictable nature and the film industry’s changing dynamics.

Reasons Behind the Re-release Fizzle and Controversy

Several factors might have contributed to Magadheera’s underwhelming performance at the box office this time around, along with the cloud hanging over its initial figures. Cinemagoers’ preferences may have evolved since the film’s original release. The grand visuals and storytelling that impressed audiences in 2009 might not hold the same weight today. Competition from newer releases could also be a contributing factor.

The re-release, while not a box office success, serves as a reminder of the film’s historical significance, the ever-changing dynamics of audience preferences, and the complexities surrounding box office reporting in the Indian film industry.

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