To say Krrish 3 has been stupendous is an understatement. The film’s box office journey speaks volume about its caliber at establishing the sci-fi genre in India. Being an indigenous superhero flick, the film has been quite a winner in both domestic and overseas. Though international cinema has witnessed better superhero flicks, Krrish 3 sill managed to carve out a significant space amongst the high ranking superheroes.

Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi in Krrish 3
Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi in Krrish 3


In U.S.A and Cananda, the film by the end of its 2nd weekend made a business of 11.80 crores from 185 screens. In U.A.E and G.C.C, the film stood at a phenomenal 13 crores by the draw of its second weekend.

In U.K and Ireland, the film collected 7.25 crores and from its Australia and New Zealand circuit, the film made 3.23 crores by the end of 2nd weekend.

Given Hrithik Roshan‘s star value has lesser power in the overseas as compared to domestic, the film’s box office performance has been startling so far assuring that sooner it will find wider avenues to earn more in the overseas circuits.

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  1. Hello @admin,
    Monday collection BOI said it was 31.5cr but all world believe including BOI that monday average occupacy 90%+, near 4000 screen hindi (because monday some screen added) 90%+ average occupacy definately cross 35cr, how its became 31.5cr, please anyone tell me.

  2. For me Chennai Express is a TAMIL MOVIE but not a Hindi Movie.
    Whereas Krrish 3 is a 100% Hindi Movie.
    Shah Ruk Khan targeted Tamil Market to make his movie a hit. Because Tamil Market is very profitable. Shivaji 100crore- Robot 100crore- Viswaroopam 100crore etc only in Madras territory. Whereas Aashiqui 2- Grand Masti etc pure Hindi movie 100crore all India territories. Shah Rukh Khan uses Rajnikanth to make his Chennai Express succeed with song like Rajnikanth Style. Because he knew Rajnikanth is the king of Madras. Shah Rukh Khan Targeted EID to release Chennai Express and we all know Muslim of Bombay will support his movie.
    Krrish is a pure Hindi movie of Bollywood whereas Chennai Express is a Tamil movie must not be counted in Bollywood box office.


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