Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma starrer Jab TaK hai Jaan Movie Poster
Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma starrer Jab TaK hai Jaan Movie Poster

Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, Jab Tak Hai Jaan is hailed as one of the most awaited Bollywood movies of 2012. There are many who believe Yash Chopra’s next will cross 200 Crores. Let’s see what this Reader has to say.

Please note this is a reader’s opinion and as a Bollywood Media Platform presents this to you. 

I am hereby presenting an article for Jab Tak Hai Jaan and giving an brief description as to why it will cross Rs. 200 Crores Nett very easily. I chose this film mainly for SRK as he is my Inspiration for life and I am his Legendary Fan. Here are a few reasons why I feel Jab Tak Hai Jaan will cross all barriers at the domestic and overseas box office.

Shah Rukh Khan the King of Romance

Its a SRK Movie, a Kings zone movie that too a Romantic one. SRK from past many years consistently Remains the King of Romance and no doubt is the best when it comes to romance and emotions. SRK is worlds best for it.

Different Avatars of SRK

The first avatar is of a Romantic boy where SRK is seen with a guitar, which reminds Raj of DDLJ and people are just crazy about it. Then there is a serious Army man with a light beard received tremendous response already. The two avatars combined are sure to raise thunderstorms at the box office.

SRK & Katrina’s Chemistry

Jab Tak Hai Jaan is the first film to pair SRK with Katrina. The new jodi’s charisma is talk of the town and is sure to be a treat for all SRK and Katrina fans.

Yash Chopra’s Direction

Yash(ji) Chopra’s direction has given a number of blockbusters and dialogues to the Indian Cinema. He is directing a movie after 8 long years, which is again talk of the town.

A. R. Rahman’s Music

The only Oscar winning musician from Bollywood A. R. Rahman’s Music is again a plus point to take the film Jab Tak Hai Jaan at peak. Gulzar’s lyrics as we all know are always worth listening to.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan’s Teaser and Trailer

The 1.40 minutes (37 Seconds) Teaser created records with most number of likes and the same magic continued after the 2.30 minutes trailer. It has already broken all previous records of Bollywood Social Network with a vast difference. Add to this the vital element that it’s been in World’s top 10 list now.

The Name and Poem

When the name “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” was announced on Twitter it was trending at #1 in India & #5 Worldwide. The poem got a midnight hit and people from around the world started making its translation in different languages. Whats more, it didn’t stop there, the magic continued its form in a special way. People started editing the poem with their own feelings and words.

Most Awaited film of 2012

SRK and Yashji’s film has been a highly awaited film of 2012. After the announcement of its release date with an extended Diwali release of 5 Days it just added fire to the wait.

SRK’s 2011 Films Box Office Collections

SRK’s last 2 films Ra.One and Don 2 added up together crossed Rs. 200 Crores nett with a Super hero avatar and the Don avatar respectively.

Shehzad Shaikh is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan and maintains a facebook page on SRK. You can reach him via Twitter at @IAMSRK_WORLD.

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  1. I think this will be the highest grosser worldwide with breaking so many records. 3 idiots is in danger! Why people will chose JTHJ bcoz it’s SRK-KAT,ar rahman-gulzar and it is d last directed film by honourable YASH CHOPRA.

  2. 200 crore hahaha bhai ye salman khan ki movie nahi hai ye shahrukh ki movie hai 100 crore bhi kama le to bahot hai.he is d most insecure person in bollywood.hahaha

    • i agree with u.our royal bengal tiger is back with his romantic avatar.i never tweet before but JTHJ,s teaser and trailer overwhelmed me.

  3. it will rock….just wait n watch….it doesnt matters if movie will not cross ek tha tiger…we should not compare it that way..because…indian audiences dont like good just wait n watch…it will be a superb movie..without any masala…coz srk doesnt needs any masala item…to make his movies blockbuster…love u srk
    We’ll see the Return of the orginal King…;-)
    well it surely will cross 200 cr…if it doesnt…not a matter of concern…because smetimes awesome moviezzz need not have a strong box office record..
    there are many as examples…-.King Khan The GREAT

  4. I am a huge fan of Srk bcoz i think if Acting is Religious dn he is God…d movie is releasing on 13th which is tues n n8 shows wud have less collections n have 3 days b4 weekands so its collections wont brk ny records..d movie will definately start at high points bt den will boom on weekands…since its also sos releasing wid it…d shows n collections will decrease…bt still i find Jab tak hai Jaan will collect near 150 crs n worldwide wud be near 350crs(as outside India he is still d best wid no rivalry).

  5. to be really honest, 200cr will be a cakewalk for Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

    It opens of 13th Nov- Tuesday. 6 day weekend itself will be 150cr +

    Add more 4 day of week, first week will at least be 180cr..

    2nd weekend: 27cr

    There it is..

    By its 17th day itself, Jab Tak Hai Jaan will be a 200cr plus movie.

    Lifetime; 280cr domestic & 120cr overseas.

    Minimum 400cr worldwide.. Guaranteed!

  6. wowowowo we as bollywood fans are know very well which film has that to cross 100cr200cr300cr 400crore or even to cross 500crores we very much know who can bul to that Stardard he is he of bollywood mr record preaker mr 100crore and 200 crore holder he is Aamir khan hahahah we and the boor SRK funs are waitting for DHOOM 3 + TALAASH+BK and this kind of Action+Romantic+Drama+Adventure will be as allways?

  7. It will be biggest Disaster of this year and will break all the records. of Disasters for sure so Srk is undoubtedly Kind of fullesh that is the true ?

  8. komal sir aap jut bi kitni safai se bolte h 1 tha tiger ke liye bi aapne yehi bola tha kya huwa pta h na ???
    or ab srk ke bare mai….
    1 tha tiger ka phla artical dlna logo ko pta to chale apka personal experiance kitna h
    or ye mat bulo ki ye jo aapki site h kisi 1 bande ki vjah se nhi chal rhi h ……ajay bi diwali pe aa rha h …acting kise khte h apko pta chlega ajay rock h lion of acting…srk bakri tarah nhi h vo remember u …

  9. Shahrukh Khan yucks.
    after ra one youth have lost faith on Shahrukh.
    He is a cheap person to whose reality i came to Know very late.
    guys he shows he is honest person but he is useless.

  10. Those are blind fan of shahrukh thinking it gonna cross 200 crore mark.My prediction is up to 135 crore because you have to think logically as the movie realising against SOS and just 2 weeks time on 30th November Aamir khans film Taalash is realising so no chance for Jab tak hain jaan to made 200 crore in 2 weeks time. Probably it would be Shahruk’s best beating his best RA1 s 118 crore.

  11. You SRK fans are just full of shit… Am not a fan of any of the khan generation but i must admit that fans nowadays just over hype films of their heroes despite having no strong story, baseless acting, irealistics actions.. Guys by the way, the film JTHJ is bound to be a blockbuster, why?? because you have the best music director, best producer director, a hot chick in katrina. Why the almighty SRK does not work with new directors and heroine.. the fact is that he needs the best for his films to be a hit..One on one, there are many more talented actors in the bollywood film fraternity.. and bottom line is that king SRK or whaever is atop media joke,,he is very well supported by media..
    This is fact…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. shahrukh khan is a great person,he is a king of bollywood,romance movie is a blockbuster of 2012.


  13. Shahrukh ahs become old and trying to do what Amitabh was trying to do through movies like mrityudata and lal badshah. He is forgetting that period of his type of romance is over and no one would like to see a man nearing fifty years romancing like a teenager. Except diehard fans i don’t think the new generation viewers will take it seriously and may have the fate of Raone or Billu.

  14. When Shahrukh comes with a film the film called blockbuster before its release that is the craze of srk in universe but this time he is coming with katrina,anushka,yash raj,gulzar,and rahaman then no doubt this film will cross 250 crore worldwide in a week all the trailer and song have all ready made record on internet this time the world get surprise

  15. collections for jthj are
    1st day=25cr(due to diwali)
    2nd day=35cr(jump of 45% like raone)
    3rd day=15cr
    4th day=18cr
    5th day=22cr
    6th day=25cr total weekend=140cr

    1st week=175cr
    2nd week=35cr
    total=350cr 100%

  16. jab tak hai jaan
    If SOS is not gud then it will happen…..
    Ist day: 19cr
    2nd day:21cr
    3rd day:18cr
    4th day:15cr
    5th day:16cr
    6th day:22cr
    weekend 6 days collection is 111 cr and
    extended 10 days collection is 143cr and
    2nd week is 35cr
    life time collection is=143+35+18=196cr

  17. hy i don,t like srk .i hate him abhi movie to any do dekhty hai srk k jeta hai ya amir khan .i vote for amir khan movie talash

  18. JTHJ ko worlwide 500 cr kamane se rokna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai really 3 idiots and SOS r in huge danger
    and mor importantly Amir’s and Ajay’s carrier finish as of now

  19. doesn’t really matters if it grosses 200 crores or not……. he will still remain our unbeatable KINNNNNNNNGGGG…………love u SRK………..

    You have the real king khan sharukh god bless you i pray of god of your success

  21. Srk is a failure recent polss india and worldwide shows almost 40% drop in fan base. He beg chopra for the part and ask for kat because of her popularity hoping to buy back fame announcing his desire to ruin salman will bring about his own ruin son of sardard will reach the mark before him

  22. I am a shahrukh fan and i pray for jthj to cross 200 or 250cr. but i think its not gonna happen coz of the shortage of quality movie lovers in India. Its gonna collect 100 cr in overseas that i m sure. Poor north indians dont know what is real comedy. Comedy is not an acting skill ( ajay and akshay should know it). It should come naturally . What we say about ajay and akshy’s comedy is “overacting” and its “vulgour ” to watch them trying so hard eventhough its not coming and click.

  23. See Srk movies box office collection. Then say JTHJ will cross the 200 crore amount
    1. Don 2-243 Crore (Blockbuster)
    2. Ra.One-240 Crore (Hit)
    3. My Name is Khan-215* Crore (Still Running) (All Time Blockbuster)
    4. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-180 Crore(All Time Blockbsuter)
    5. Om Shanti Om-190 Crore (All Time Blockbuster)
    6. Chak De India-103 Crore (All Time blockbuster)
    7.Don-106 Crore (Super Hit)


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