‘Barfi’ is presently being hailed by media and a large no. of people as a great film. It has also been chosen as India’s entry for Oscars. Koimoi reader Manjusha Patil airs some opinions that are contrary to the popular opinion and also raises some questions about the overall quality of the film. 

Ranbir Kapoor in a Still from Barfi! Movie
Ranbir Kapoor in a Still from Barfi! Movie

I really fail to understand all the hullabaloo and hype around ‘Barfi’. It really pains me to see how the so called critics are hailing this absolutely deficient product and fooling people into believing that this is ‘great’ cinema. Telling people that this illogical, irrational, contrived and completely fake film is a ‘masterpiece’, is doing a disservice to people as well as to the Indian cinema. To top it all, in keeping with the great Indian tradition of favouritism and unfair practices, the film has been hastily declared as India’s entry for Oscars. Now, India’s entry for Oscars doesn’t mean much but this kind of declaration while the film is still running in the theatres, will definitely boost its business. Just wondering when did ‘Barfi’s makers filed their entry and how did the Film Federation of India, not only arrived so quickly at the decision but also thought it fit to announce it so hurriedly?

‘Barfi’ doesn’t look like a sincere effort but comes across as a manipulated film. It draws heavily from the world classics and yet displays artistic snobbery. As if the makers are saying, ‘See, this is what great films are all about. Look at our intelligence, look at our craft.’

The film is clearly an attempt to make a Charlie Chaplin film for today. Since the director couldn’t make a silent film in today’s time, he has made his hero deaf and mute. That takes care of all the slapstick comedy and gives a big scope for ‘manufacturing’ touchy scenes. Now, you are not supposed to ask how does slapstick comedy fit in this film. Or what is the need for it in the first place? The director and actor thought that it would be fun. So, it’s there. What does that do to the characterization of Barfi and to the overall texture of the film? Well, it doesn’t matter. In fact, applying logic to this film is probably not expected at all. I would like to mention just a few such things in the film that would bother any thinking person.

This guy Barfi is supposed to be ‘spreading happiness’. That’s what all the narrators in the film are insisting. What exactly is he doing for that? Is he entertaining people? Is he helping someone? Is he doing anything purposefully to bring about happiness to other people? No. But he roams about on his bicycle smiling sweetly and gestures taking out his heart and offering it to the girl. That’s ‘spreading happiness’ for you. The director is repetitively telling you through his narrators that Barfi was spreading happiness. So, you have to believe it.

Poor small town boy Barfi’s fashion sense is terrific. He is wearing well cut formals with smart sweaters and a cap that is essentially a fashion statement as that cap is no good for either sun or cold. Nobody in that town dresses like Barfi. But he does because he has to look good and every frame in the film has to look good. He also sports a French beard while on the run. So much realism!

Barfi becomes naive and over smart as per convenience of the writer-director. He is naive enough to think that he can marry Shruti, he is innocent and pure hearted to find love in Jhilmil but he doesn’t think twice before planning to loot a bank or to kidnap Jhilmil. We are supposed to believe that he does it out of innocence. Also, Barfi is supposed to be so sharp and intelligent that he remembers the phone number that he happened to have just glanced at, many months ago. He also instinctively knows that Jhilmil is alive and stationed in the orphanage just by looking at the twiddling fingers of the old man. There are many scenes in the film where he behaves like an intelligent, sensitive and sensible man interspersed with some where he behaves like a buffoon or a dim-wit. One person cannot be both Mr Director. One constantly keeps wondering whether to take him seriously or not.

If Barfi is all heart and looking for ‘dil ka rishta’ and ‘true love’ etc. how does one explain his falling in love with Shruti? He is after her right from the moment he sees her for the first time. At that time he doesn’t even know her. So, what does he fall for? Her looks? Isn’t there an inherent contradiction in Barfi’s ‘love’ for Shruti and Jhilmil? One person cannot have so diametrically opposite attitudes towards love at the same time.

There is a certain kind of behaviour you can expect of an intelligent, sensitive and a romantic person. Some scenes suggest that Barfi is all of this. If Barfi is a kind of guy who says “Ghadi 15 minute peeche karta hoon. Samajh lena ki hum mile hi nahi” etc. how do you explain other buffoonery and stupid things that he does? Or maybe that is being innocent and ‘spreading happiness’!

If Barfi himself is not dim-witted and is a normal grown up person, he cannot look at Jhilmil with the romantic love in his mind. He will always look at her as someone in constant need of love and care which he may be ready to provide. Any normal person would not look at the girl in Jhilmil’s condition as his future wife. Barfi is only deaf and mute. He is capable of thinking like a normal person. Isn’t he?

Ileana D'Cruz, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra in a Barfi! Movie
Ileana D’Cruz, Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra in a Barfi! Movie

There is absolutely no consistency in Barfi’s character. He keeps on doing just about anything that may make an interesting scene or a supposedly ‘touchy’ scene. Characterisation, be damned!

Other protagonist Jhilmil is supposed to be autistic but many a times comes across as retarded. In either case, somebody like Jhilmil is totally incapable of understanding the emotion of love. Anybody who gives little care and affection is worthy of her trust. A girl like her would also be totally incapable of having feelings of jealousy out of romantic love and of acting on that. In the real world, Shruti would be just another ‘Aunty’ or an adult for Jhilmil. But our Jhilmil has the license from the writer-director to do what she does.

Jhilmil is shown to have passed Barfi’s (weird) loyalty test by not moving away from the falling lamp-post. But she gives the same dazed and dumb look even to the approaching train as she is incapable of thinking about its dangers and acting accordingly. So, how can one say that she didn’t move because she was loyal to Barfi?

This retarded/autistic Jhilmil suddenly turns very smart at a convenient time. She not only remembers her orphanage’s number but very smartly calls on it and probably tells her whereabouts to the concerned people. Isn’t this absurd? In another totally fake scene, Jhilmil angrily tells ‘Hanso mat’ to some girls who are ridiculing her singing. Given her condition, she is not capable of understanding that they are laughing at her and also of feeling insulted about it.

Also, Shruti’s falling for Barfi is totally unconvincing. Somebody who is getting married in just a few days to the man of her choice falls for a poor deaf and mute boy from a small town because he is ‘spreading happiness’. Absurd! But let’s say ‘That’s love. It’s beyond all logic’ and let it be. Next big question is what if Shruti was happy with her husband? She wouldn’t have remembered Barfi then. So, just because she is having problems in a relationship with her husband, she thinks Barfi’s love is better? What does that say about Shruti?

Ranbir Kapoor, Ileana D'Cruz and Priyanka Chopra in a Still from Barfi! Movie
Ranbir Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz and Priyanka Chopra in a Still from Barfi! Movie

Then there is this ‘ultra-cool’ mother who despite being the part of the Indian society of 1970’s, takes her daughter to show the man she loved in her younger days. I doubt how many mothers would do that even today. Also there is this pot-bellied police officer who has no other work but to run after Barfi.

These are just some of the glaring flaws in the film. I am sure one can find some more. ‘Barfi’ is completely illogical and implausible and demands the suspension of logic and disbelief to the hilt. But then, every Bollywood film or a masala film so snootily despised by the fans of Barfi, demands that. So then how is ‘Barfi’ different from them? All masala films ask you to leave your brains behind and enjoy. If Barfi is asking you to do the same, how is it better or greater than other masala films?

Good and Bad are relative terms and one cannot really dictate what other person should like or not like. If people can find meaning in this film or enjoy it without finding any – good for them! But hailing it as a masterpiece and great cinema is just too much!

Why is it a masterpiece? Just because media says so? Or because the makers claim so? Or just because the film pretends to do ‘something different’ no matter how substandard it is.

It’s shocking to see how the pose and the pretence can impress people so much. The bitter truth is this ‘Barfi’ is not all that sweet! And it’s high time somebody said so loud and clear.

Manjusha Patil is a media and PR professional and a freelance writer. She tweets at @manjumuses

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    • @vikrant… u are right man… she must be an alien coming out of joker movie to take her frustration out here….haha i still wonder how she got time to write such a loooooooooooong mindless crap!!! time to send her back to asylum…. @manjusha- u are the biggest joker i have ever seen..

  1. Author seems to be so anti-Barfi that she has left no milestone in criticiding the movie to such an extent. I agree that movie has its own share of flaws but in no sense it is a movie as seen by the author. Her opinions on love, autitism and life seem to be to harsh and so introvert and self-centred. Each and every point she has made is easily arguable except the few. Having said that, I also beleive that everyone has one’s point of view and the way one looks at the things.

    • no wonder manjusha is salman khan’s fan that’s why she hates good films.. manjusha you are a donkey and u keep liking your mindless crap monkey movies

  2. The article has been written by a person who doesn’t even know the ABC of disbilities. First of all it is very offensive to even use the word ‘retarded’ in the modern day and Autistic people if you must know, do infact have a learning difficulty/disability that affects their essential skills in daily life. How I know? I work with people with disabilties! The sensitive issues that have been raised and the way they have been tackled in this film, is phenomenol! The acting is second to none, in some places one doesn’t even realise that these people are acting! Anyway, I agree… what a waste of time, reading this article – which by the way seems is written by someone who has a personal grudge against someone affiliated to the film!

  3. The article itself tells us how capable the writer is..Its all crap..
    Cant believe that ur concern was costume of Barfi in the movie!! Damnn
    And by the way, he didnt remember the phone number he had glanced once. Jhilmil had scribbled that number on the wall of their house along with other random things(Barfi’s name, random crayon drawn pictures).

  4. miss manjusha patil , i think u have never been in love….the character barfi will make u smile thruout thefilm…its a feeling which people like u would never understand…a suggestion y dnt u make a film worth the oscars…then vl agree withur above points

  5. Oh dear oh dear….. this must be one of the most commical uninspired,,,, not clever at all bit of writing i have ever witness. Please find another job… coz u aint good in this one mate!!!

  6. Hey Manjusha dear… are you a complexed creature or what?? so many rubbish unrealistic films are receiving big hurrahs bcoz of funny reasons like ‘a X khan film’ or lady acting almost nudely…are these great movies for you. Barfi is a cute film, just shut your xxx and enjoy it..
    Are you aiming for publicity or wat??

  7. crazy crazy so call author, first of all when this charlie chapplin movie was made when i guess ur great great great grandparent were born we the youngest didnt no him so what is ur problem, if it has been remade by an india director them what is the big deal, u pple are really crazy, who told u guys autisim dnt fall in luv, i hv care 4 many autisim patient they really do vary, in many case, dis Jhilmil knew Barfi all her life so why wouldnt she like him after all the travels 2 different town n him carinbg 4 her i dnt no how u guys grade ur movie even hollywood do copy india movie so pls stop all dis crap talk n i bet u N CHALLENGE U dat BARFI is going 2 WIN, am not india but dis is one of ur best movie copied or not me LIKE DIS MOVIE , IT WAS WELL MADE

  8. You can check bollywood life, cnn ibn, indicine, tanqeed, glamsham, first post, naachgaana, pinkvilla, rediff, etc……….NO LESS THAN A 100 SITES ARE RUNNING STORIES OF BARFI’S PLAGIARISM

  9. this movie wasnt even all that. this movie did not deserve an oscar nomination. either paan singh tomar,kahaani or vicky donor should have deserved an oscar nomination. these movies were far more entertaining.

  10. Its either she is fan of sexual content film dirty picture or fan of vidya valan for her acting in kahaani or again sexual theme vicky donor(these film were nominees of oscar entry) or fair explanation, SHE IS AN ALIEN WHO DOESNT UNDERSTAND COMMON HUMAN BEHAVIOUR OR EMOTION..why do u even watch movies if u have nothing good coming from your mouth..why are u becoming the ‘heroine’ and above all 99% of critic.please go to a pshycitist(or whats that is called) and try to get happy in your depressed,ugly life.

  11. guys she is salman khan’s fan n she is jealous as Barfi has been praised all over the world whether it’s cause of the story or the acting with almost flawless direction.. and we all know that ek tha tiger failed to impress even 1 percent with its illogical story and bakwas acting n worst direction.. so it’s quite obvious that these ill creatures like manjusha can’t digest the success of truly valuable films like Barfi..with great content :)… also she must be more worried cause Barfi might win an Oscar then she’ll get heart attack..lolz

  12. dear koimoi.. stop publishing these kind of hateful and biased articles…. we all know the truth and these stupid articles written by idiots have no effect on Barfi anyway….

  13. superb article critics in india r makin audience fool,if same film is made by ayushman khurna thn zero publicity…ranbir is a star kid thy promotin it and media want ranbir superstar…

    • My dear, this is not first movie or Ranvir. Even I am not a Ranvir fan but everyone has to agree on that he has done splendid job in the movie.

  14. Barfi is a blatant copy of at least a dozen of hollywood flicks, sending this for oscars will only bring disrepute to india in world stage

    • No doubt in that few scenes are taken from few movies but the story and the screenplay are purely original. All the movies from which these scenes are taken were made on different subjects. We should praise it for the original story.

  15. hey manjusha nothing against you…bt ur article is meaningless and jus made to grab eyeballs…barfi was truly exceptional…get a life..

  16. Watched this movie yesterday . 100 % agree with your thoughts . TOTALLY ! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT REVIEW and you have penned down each and every thought that ran across my mind while watching movie . You have pointed out all the logical pitfalls of this movie … We are not telling that the other crap movies are good but this movie does not need that kind of a hype that it got ! WORTHLESS . I am sure the director does not eve know what Autism is …. They dont understand anything let alone understanding people mockery , ranbir’s love …even they can’t remember much ….other people who are commenting here , please watch the ” Rain Man” acted by by Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Dustin Hoffman perfectly potraits how Autistic people behave ..That is what deserves Oscar ….not even close to what Priyanka is trying to do……..Please please just dont hail it is a good movie just because everyone is saying so …use some logic . But we DEFINITELY appreciate the intention and the approach that the director from the skin shows / glamor world and tried to potray a very decent movie …hats off for that …..but other than that it is NO Masterpiece !

  17. I have to agree with the majority of comments here. The article by Manjusha is very poorly written and at times absolutely incorrect, with regard to the phone number which Barfi! has to piece together from scribblings on the wall. Her lack of information regarding autism is unacceptable for a writer preparing to include that information in an article. Autism is not necessarily consistent in terms of responses and cognition. Often times, as with most mental disabilities, bubbles of lucid cognition exist where they are least expected. That Jhilmil could or would remember the phone number is not so surprising, as autistics often remember long strings of numbers and specific rote data.
    However, Manjusha’s inability to comprehend the unexpected unplanned nature of love is surprising, especially for someone who wishes to write. Her apparent desire to have everything in life, let alone a movie, be logical lacks maturity. Life, and human beings in particular, are simply not that way.
    For a writer, specifically a movie critic, to lack the ability to view a movie with any artistic comprehension, is more than just unfortunate, it is professionally a huge disadvantage.
    More importantly, what on earth made Koimoi print such a poorly written submission. They should know better.
    With regard to the movie itself, the only thing that I think could have made Barfi! much better was the editing, which was not tight enough to give the film more cohesion. It left loose ends and unseamed edges that affected the narrative. The cinematography was beautiful and the acting was exceptional.

  18. firstly this is lengthy article,
    secondly is article ko likhne wale ne agar Slumdog millenear dekhi hai aur use ye pata hai ki slumdog ko oscar award mila hai toh soch lo Barfi slumdog se crore time best h aur slumdog ko oscar mila ye history hi Oscar award ki quality ko low kar deti hai

    Is article ko likhne wale k pas mind hona chahiye ki barfi bnane wala insaan hai . . .please respect good films manjusha ji . .barfi is best in 2012

    • haha well said… manjusha is mentally retarded… she never saw a real cinema what a pity… and congrats BARFI for making 100 Crores at worldwide box office

  19. About Barfi’s cloths, if you are familiar with 80’s fashion, you would knou that in those days almost everyone used to wear clothes like this especially a person living in hills. I have seen my dad’s photoghaphs wearing simmilar dresses even though he was a scholarship student getting rs100-200 per year. If you will notice, Barfi’s cap, coat and shoes are all torn showing that there is no money for mentainence.

  20. I dont know why we have tendency to aprreciate forigner’s work and downgrade our own. I have wathced Rainman many a times and it is one of my all time favorite but at the same time the work done by Rani in Black and Priyanka in Barfi is nowhere any less. It is is some aspects much better than him. As someone very well highlighted that autism has several types. It is a disorder not a deceasse. All autistic people have similar feelings and emotions like a normal human being. It is not necessary that all autistic people would feel or behave in same fashion. Comparision of behavior of Dustin Hoffman and Priyanka is worthless. Yes, their performances can be compared and everyone can have different views about them.

  21. First get focus on your thought whoever you are…then write!
    You dont know anything about an autistic girl and other people with diseases and telling or say abusing them! SHAME ON YOU
    Because of you people we a er getting films like Ek Tha tiger and Joker!
    Barfi is milestone in Indian history of cinema and respect it rather than loothing with your stupid article! KoiMoi pzzz remove this immediately

  22. who ever has written this has completely gone nuts. who r u to judge a film? how many hollywood movies u have watched in ur life time. Most of the hollywood films are based on imaginations yet every film is a masterpiece. u just shut ue xxx and stop writing crap to gain publicity

  23. madam Manjusha, where were you when last salman starrer released ?? i think then you were glued to the tv. Anyway..copying scenes does not means the whole movie is a copy. Everyone know that barfi has many scenes copied from chaplin movies, even the director tell this, then how could u think u r the first to throw the secrets out ?? some scenes can be copied, some flaws may kreep up, but Barfi is about emotions, which can not be copied, only can be felt…..and sadly which u do not have. one more thing… u seems a outright copy of Kunal guha of yahoo.com, so as per your thoughts u r also utter rubbish..!!

  24. Manjushaa Patil I have just one point Mam – while yes the movie some scenes copy pasted from English movies and that is even though how much I like the movie it wont go down as a classic but what is most disturbing is the way you had negative vendetta while writing your article.Its fine you may not have liked the plot, characters, or others but had you had an balanced perspective you would have at least commented on the acting of leads and supporting cast..thats one thing that is defintely not bad or small moments within the film…however while you propagate not to get personal your article unfortunately sounds a very closed mind’s work. You also write bitter truth is barfi is not sweet – what is truth?? for each truth is what they believe like this is in your case..so pl dont generalize truth..you may not have liked fair enough..but the attempt to make your belief an universal truth is something simply unfortunate and that too coming from bright young minds from you shows lot of prejudice….all the best and hope to see some from balanced article from next time.

  25. Really sad to see when this country has seen such good critic as Madam Nikhat Kazmi.. This Manjusha is spoiling the image of ladies intelligence and understanding.. And this site is ready to publish anything n everything…Mr Nahata please filter the contents of articles getting released on ur site.. Its equally spoiling ur name

  26. i think the writer manjusha patil….sorry no offense…but have to say that she is a bit frustrated with her life…..i m saying this coz how can anyone be such a pessimist on such film.i mean i agree some scenes of the movie are taken from hollywood movies but thats not the end of creativity that the director has showed in this film…all the stuff that she wrote about barfi’s love for jhilmil and shruti was a mere crap… i mean how do u know whom u are gonna meet in ur life?do u have to fall in love thinking about that?also the thing that she wrote about barfi’s so called love..Man!!his character wasnt contradictory at all.. that becomes innocent at some instance and clever at another…he shows in the movie how to carve happiness from each moment u get to live in life..and yes hoe does spread happiness in the move need not to tell by his purity of heart!!!SO all those who condemn it..just get out of ur frustrated live first and see the beauty of the film.Its ecstatic!!!

  27. I don’t know if the writer seen whole movie. i don’t want to comment on her thoughts or meaning which she took out of movie. however i do want to make comment that she is wrong abou jhilmil calling orphanage. if writer watch movie again she will notice that there was a guy who call number for her and then obv that guy can tell the address and place where she is.
    I guess criticizing anything is the new way to show intellectualism.
    Majusha you are entitled to your views. it will be great if you can review the main lead acting. let’s say whole 3 hour of movie was utter nonsense and a copy of english movies. but acting on such utter nonsense and making a good looking movie of 3 hours is commendable job. at least actors deserve a round of applause.

  28. Are u foreign as u r saying that indian audience are foolish.
    You are the animal of another world as u dont understand it.
    Close ur thought.

  29. Ya i agree with the writer, i think there is some conspiracy going on this film was the jury was waiting for barfi too release and they just send it to oscar
    where in irfan khan movie,where is vicky donar such a unique movies. but barfi the shit is selected to get out from the oscars

  30. baseless article, if u wish to get all those sense in the movie than better watch documnetry. BTW it not a documentary, what u say to the south indian movies and their remakes, if all people gonnna say and observe the same sense as yours then their will be no movie in this world. yeah I can understand some portions in the movie are baseless and overemphasized but that does not prersent the movie bad. 1.5 or 2 hrs is sufficient for the audience to get carried away with the movie and ull see that live in the theatres!!! even if u go through oscar winning movies ull find them boring, not connecting to the people but the thing is they have some great moments and performances.


  31. I think manjusha only has brain and rest all the critics are dumb.
    Look crap shitty lady maker made film for making money and to bring amile on viewers face and barfi has it all. so stop wrting these type of crap

  32. I saw the movie yesterday. It was really an masterpiece. As i read the article it seems you have a personal dislike for someone in the movie..grow up you doesn’t seen to be a kid.

  33. From the article,it is clear that the writer does not know the difference between retarded and autism. Autistic people are not mentally retarded. They can be really good at some things and they are very much capable of feelings and emotions. Please get your facts clear.

  34. hey manju , u are really unrducated , and just getting jealous of the success of the film , u stupid people dont know anything only create fase buzz , there is a limit be in it , u need many slaps

  35. this type of website should be banned. at try to make some intelligent film then try to criticize this film. In your rating film like kahani got 3 star but so called hit film like ek tha tiger got 3.5 star. You should review the film according to their quality not by their hit content!

  36. @manjhusha..u r absolutely correct manjhusha.. after watching barfi i also felt these flaws somewhere bt did nt really care because it somewhere made me feel comfort with d story..and i think that this is so with the other people who loved d movie…and respest ur views and completely agree by them..but do u know why this movie inspite of having so many flaws successfully glared amongst people..because people are somewhere relating themselves to d story…simply trying to say that ..we all lack somewhere and most of the time time away by our shortcomings that set us back from putting hard to achieve our love..so the message that people make out from the story ot i maust say want to take out is that no matter how much disabled or different u r you will find a longlasting and comforting love someday and so it is acceptable to d peopl ..no matter what!! and so makes the people love this movie more than the ny other where most of the time love is happening between two perfectionist which people may only dream about..so i hope u get to undertand my view.

  37. Firstly I hate criticism on the whole… but den again dis is what sells, for sure, in de industry…
    Secondly I think dis critic, has been pointed out, since none of the other critic’s dare venture to…..
    I am sick and tired with movies on characters which demand, an act, involving lack of maturity…. from MERA NAAM JOKER, KOHI MILA GAYA, TARRE ZAMEEN PAR….MERA NAM KHAN or even BLACK….and now BARFI…list goes on… how much are we gonna capitalize on it….has evolved into a business by now….
    It’s high time we begin to capitalize on show casing smartness with maturity, for a change, to inspire…
    Watch MEET BILL, THANKYOU FOR SMOKING, PROJECT X, DISTURBIA…. kids made to act so mature, unlike their counterpart; Bollywood …. no wonder the youth keep criticizing the older generation of Bollywood stars…. and shall forever do so…

  38. I guess, take back the article. For your own reputation :) Appreciate if something is good in an open minded fashion. I know its a copy of various scenes from great movies, but still it is done well. I would say, a great collage of copies !

    Your article does not make me think negative about barfi, but just makes me think, what kind of lady is this like who is writing this kind of stuff !!! And that is truly negative for me maam. You.

  39. Wow!! Can’t wait for Jism 3 – with mute and deaf people!! Guess nobody will criticise the movie then because it’s only the skin show that matters right :)

  40. yhi to problem h hamare country kisi ka success dekha nai jata..taang khichne aa jate h aise log…the whole thing is dat ki muvi chl rhi hai aur logo ko pasand aa rhi hai..so mam just appreciate dont write these..u better delete this…everyone is laughing on u

  41. Ms. Manjusha,
    What you have pointed out as flaws do not make any sense. Ex. Barfi is not supposed to spread happiness film never says that, the makers say barfi stays happy no matter what sorrows life brings to him. And he never complains. I can clear out all the flaws you have written but not here. I have personally attended many international film fests so i can say that this movie is of international standards. It has a mixture of charlie chaplin, amilie and notebook. But it adds to the beuty of the film. Admire it cherish it enjoy it be Barfi

  42. Dear Manjusha….wel somewat i agree wid u… Barfi z a nice attempt bt not masterpiece… three different ideas messed up with each other i.e. love triangle.. autism..n ofcourse charlie chaplin comedy…. it could have been better if one f da idea had been droped….wel … stil it was a gud movie…bt nt a masterpiece…:)

  43. I totally agree with the views of Manjusha…thanks god..atlast there is somebody who has written the truth…i saw the movie the very next day of its release and wanted to leave the hall in the first one hr itself…was wondering what the reviewers had written and why…there is no story…randhir is ok; ileana is good; priyanka is ok; story? now thats something u will not find in this movie…but in the last 2 weeks it has become fashionable to say that barfi is a great movie…to me its one of the most boring ones i have seen in the last 1 yr…though am a big fan of both randhir and priyanka…

  44. The writer is absolutely correct!. The movie is a crap and I want my money back. Indian culture and taste has gone down to drain, thanks to third grade TV programmes. There is no point harping on autism, etc. It is clearly emotional blackmail and can be compared to a fake physically handicapped person begging money on streets. Aamir Khan has already covered the issue in Taare Aasman, how many time can you milk the same subject!

  45. Author mentions, it is illogical for a person to fall in love with someone who is already engaged with someone else. I think it is very logical when a RAW agent (who behaves like James Bond) to fall in love with a girl who is a Pakistani spy. Watch movies like “Agent Vinod” and “Ek tha Tiger” for amazing and logical stories. (Ha ha ha).

  46. The critic lashes out at a preposterous movie..called barfi
    I don’t know how many of u people saw zee news recently when they showed us how shamelessly barfi has been ripped from Hollywood flicks of different eras. This kinda audacity requires explanation when the makers and actors of the movie repeatedly say the movie is “original”.
    over 50 comedy scenes have been copied from various Hollywood movies so much so that the scenes have not even been revamped.
    This is the quality of a movie making way to the Oscars. The Indian film federations or whoever’s sending this movie across should go and watch some Charlie chaplin flicks, maybe they’ll know barfi is not a “NOVELTY”.

  47. I found the movie too boring and contrived to do an analysis on it. But then Indians just love movies on disability (Black, Paa, Taare Zameen par to name a few), so am not surprised at its popularity.

  48. Poor Ranbir Kapoor.. he has no way to go from here other than clinging to his elusive parents’ hands for support. Simply terrible


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