It would all boil down to word of mouth for Kahaani 2. The film gains from the franchise factor and considering the fact that Kahaani was a huge hit and a much appreciated affair, the recall value is good too. That said, the film is not a sequel per se which means it is an altogether new storyline on display with a fresh bunch of characters. The ambience, look and feel is similar though due to the Kolkata factor and that is something director Sujoy Ghosh had done well in order to establish consistency.


That said, the film would start finding audience when the good word spreads around it. Even if the average occupancy for the day comes to 30%-40%, it would be a fair start for the film as that would set the stage for a fair weekend. If the film would have arrived a couple of years back, it would have been a much more comfortable situation from the commercial perspective since Vidya Balan was a tad more popular than today. However, Kahaani [2012] was incidentally her last hit film and ever since then she is waiting for that one big film to make it large.

Box Office Predictions - Kahaani 2
Box Office Predictions – Kahaani 2

It wouldn’t be surprising though if Kahaani 2 would turn out to be that film since the film is clearly an author backed affair for her. The stage is set and since she has Sujoy Ghosh for company again with Arjun Rampal as her co-star, the vibes are just right. All that is needed for Kahaani 2 is for it to turn out to be a really good film and if that turns out to be the case, Kahaani 2 could well be soaring well in days to follow. The fact that it is a solo release of the week with not much of a competition from the prior weeks as well works in its favor.

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