The Box Office hurricane has just started, a few hours ago rather, as the Box Office Tiger aka Salman Khan is back on the silver screen with Jai Ho. The movie that released worldwide today, opened to packed houses what with almost 95-100% occupancy in most of the multiplexes and single screens in India.

The overall occupancy till the afternoon shows in single screens is around 80%-90%, while in the multiplexes it stands in the range of 70%-85%. Jai Ho is getting best response from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmadabad. However, the Northern circuits showed a very poor occupancy so far!

Daisy Shah and Salman Khan in a still from 'Jai Ho'
Daisy Shah and Salman Khan in a still from ‘Jai Ho’

Nevertheless, the film will pick up in the evening and late night shows. Moreover, given the low ticket rates as compared to other Biggies, the footfalls should increase in the night shows at multiplexes!

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  1. Well I am not sure how the ticket rates are comparatively lesser than other big movies.. I have paid Rs210 for Jai Ho at a multiplex… Same as Dhoom 3 or any other big movies..

  2. I am no Salman fan but I must say this is Salman’s most honest effort since the past 6-7 years. I couldn’t believe that this man was the same fellow who made trash like Ready and Bodyguard. If this film doesn’t become a big hit then Salman cannot be blamed for doing only masala films after this. Of course this film is not perfect (terrible actress and music) but for once Salman is not just beating up goondas for no reason.

  3. jai ho rockkkk,,,,Salman biggest and dhanshu action with Six Pack Body,,,Realy Exetremly Good Movie Story,,,And Most seeen to Salman Khan I really make a big fan of Salman from this movie. Ab Sab Bolegi Jai Ho Salman…

  4. I have seen this movie..Friends Totally wastage of time..
    Totally bakwas.. it is bakwaas like bodyguard..
    can anyone claimed bodyguard was a good movie..only people who like bodyguard will like this..otherwise it is bakwas wastage of time and money..

  5. i never thought the kind of role taken by tiger will match but at the end tiger is tiger being a national top actor everything falls into right place awesome rock tiger

  6. Tera chehra dekhne k liye 3hours b kam padte cinema mai,movie jaisi b ho.but u r really a wanted*some text missing*jai ho

  7. Its vry vry vry gud film……..I hv jst watched it…….nd i’m sure….it al time ……hit……hit……hit……hit……hit……hit……hit……hit……hit……hit……hit……hit

  8. jai ho is da best bcos I love Salman bhai.sarukh is like female actor.sarukh voice is like goat .channai express is a totally bakwas film.we cnt learn anything from this film .but jai ho teach us how a common man can help each other without any selfish. jai ho Salman bhai

  9. i think salman khan this movie will help to those people whos neglects the poor and special childrens. May Allah bless you salman and give u a great sueccess in future and accomplish your goal

  10. i saw movie.. really phenomenal!! awsome story.. curious acting by bhai jaan… goes to all time bluckbuster list for sure

  11. so fa……du…..du…..du…… movie . awesome from it is best from wanted . ab tk ka mera best jai ho ho…… . body kya kmal ki hai bhai .

  12. Salman………..dhoom3 ka record break hone wala hai, qki movie itni acchi hhai , i like the story, bohut hi badiya flim…. Aur 1 bar dekhni padegi.

  13. love you salman bhai aise movie banane ke liye 3director ko bolna o bhi or 3director ko bole aise chalte rahe………..jai ho

  14. bhi…. movie is next thing but personally wat u r doing in society that is grate. aap ne na jane kitne logo ki life banai h…. aap ko mera salam … upar wala aap jese ko bar bar duniya me bheje….
    love you dude….
    you are 10000000000% great…….keep it up….

    • Thank you mat bolo instead,thearter ke bahar jao aur 3 logo se kehna ki yeh picture mat deko aur un 3 logo ko kaho ki wo aur 3 logo ki madad Kar.

  15. Thank you mat bolo instead 3 logo ki madad Karo aur un 3 logo ko kaho wo aur 3 logo ki madad Kare – jai ho , shirf like mat Karo share Karo

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Thank you mat bolo instead,thearter ke bahar jao aur 3 logo se kehna ki yeh picture mat deko aur un 3 logo ko kaho ki wo aur 3 logo ki madad Kar.

  16. Less than 20 cr . Despite of so much hype ? Poor opening for SK movie …
    Movie will sink slowly during a week ..
    Now SK fans ..don’t blame srk injury for such a low collection ….
    Bad luck salman ….your gimmicks didn’t work ….

  17. Thank you mat bolo instead,thearter ke bahar jao aur 3 logo se kehna ki yeh picture mat deko aur un 3 logo ko kaho ki wo aur 3 logo ki madad Kar.

  18. it was nice movie the main purpose is to given us a message …agar koi action ki movie kar sakta hain to wo hain salman khan..comedy is good ..romance is perfect..thori si story weak hain but leek se hatkar movie hain..

  19. Aare yaar yeh dhhoka hai. Koi v srk fans yeh film dekhne nahi jaa rahe hain. Mere saare dost jo ki srk k fans hain woh koi na koi bahana bana rahe hain. Yeh to thik nahi hai. Yeh to sajis hai. Sayad sab dr rahe hain, kahi film bohat badi hit na ho jae. Hum v jab happy new yr aaega to nahi dekhne jayenge. Jab tv pe aayega dekhenge ya download kar lenge


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