Jai Ho kicked off to a monumental start at the domestic box office. Though the expectations from the film are pinning high, the film was a normal Friday release with no holiday season to bank on for its income. It is a matter of great credibility that the ticket prices have been homogeneously kept low for the audiences unlike Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 when the ticket rates shot up to a whole new level of high.

Salman Khan in a still from movie 'Jai Ho'
Salman Khan in a still from movie ‘Jai Ho’

The film picked up to a great occupancy in the morning shows in most circuits and even the multiplexes recorded an 80% plus occupancy. But in many circuits like Punjab, U.P and Delhi, the film’s opening day results were much lower than the standards recorded during the release of Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger or even Dabangg 2.

But from single screens the income has been in the same range as expected, with earnings from CI, CP and Rajasthan soaring high consistently all through the day.

The film’s income settled at 17.50 crores nett at the Domestic Box Office. But in no way is Jai Ho even close to Salman breaking his own record at the box office or highest opening day that he touched with Ek Tha Tiger. Over the weekend the film will perform way better but the lower ticket prices will hinder it from emerging as a record smasher of sorts.

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    • Ticket prices are so less, and there is no holiday + some political issues and BiggBoss7 negativity, so it is obvious that it can not create any record!! All Salman Khan’s fault, he should be careful in future, otherwise his fil ‘Kick’ will also get the same treatment,

  2. The less ticket prices is contributing to it’s less box office collections. Movie is excellent, me and my family loved jai ho. Give it a try.

  3. Bhai pehle ye dekho ki salman ne ticket kam kyo ki? becz wo chahta hai ki film ka message jyada se jyada logo tak pouche….n he is not in the race of records…..though I m not that big fan of salman but i still appreciate that he have courage to think abt the common public and their money….Good movie n a good message too….plz go n watch the movie….

    • Ticket ke price itne hi hai jitne ki Chennai aur Dhoom ke the. Ye to bus khud hi keh raha hai ki meri film ke price kam hai. Reality to ye hai ki log ab SALMAN ki remake film se ub chuke hai. remake film se achi to orignal dekh lo wo to acha hai. SALMAN KO AB AKL AA JANI CHAHIYE. SIRF REMAKE FILM SE KUCH NAHI HOTA. KUCH ORIGINAL KARKE DIKHA.

  4. Salman bhai nd modi is idols of my life nd recocrd to banega bhadwo aap dekhte jaao kl sanday hai ….yo salman bhai hum aapke sath he

  5. only 18 cr…pathetic…even beshram earn 21 on first day…dhoom3 being a nonholiday earn 33 on first day…salman is over

  6. I dunno about ticket prices elsewhere, but I watched it in Inox, South City in Kolkata yesterday, 3 05 show, and the price was 500. (I am seriously unaware if that is low ticket price). For those who don’t believe me are free to check out the ticket price in the afformentioned place at bookmyshow.com . So the film ain’t working, stop blaming other factors.

  7. I don’t think it exact box office collection…
    however some controveries lies with sallu bhai..
    but ticket prices are low and other than this it was not holiday release…
    we expect that it will stair up…on sunday till then wait.

  8. Typical salman movie without head or brain.. Does not deserve to be watch.. Grow up guys, create something new.. We are bored of watching one hero hitting 100people..

  9. dissapointed… A salman khan movie is so much expected that it almost becomes holiday proof… i am sure any big stars movie(shahrukh, amir or salman, maybe hrithik/ranbir) whose movie is as promoted/hyped as this was should have crossed 20 crore atleat. A holiday release should have nsured atleast 30 plus crore with the high number of screens it is releasing in. 17 plus crore is highly underwhelming

  10. Why so much justification ?
    Bad movie is a bad movie and can’t pull the crowds ….why compare with c.e or d3
    Which were faaar better than this remake .
    Bad luck salman …if you to bad work you can’t survive

  11. A few comments on social media:

    “The best thing about Salman Khan movies is that you can review them without even watching.”

    “Salman khan is the most eco friendly guy, saves paper by not doing any film which require script. #respect ”

    “Agar Aapko haisa lagta hai ki hamne aap ki sirr dukhaya hai toh aap gaali math dijiye, instead cinema ke bahar 3 logon ki help kijiye aur unhe iss film dekhne se rokhiye.”

    FLOP HO !!!!!





    0.5/10 STARS


  13. ye kya kar diya salman sir logo ko jai ho sikhane ke bjaye ulta logo ne apki film ko jai ho bol diya mujhe bhut dukh hai ki jai ho ne sirf 18 cro colle kiye lekin apki film ko god bless u lekin kick film me apna nya look pesh krna jrur aur music bhi achha hona chahiye

  14. movie chahe jaisi bhi ho par kam se kam kriss 3 dhoom 3 and chennai express se to achchhi hai
    and complete entertain pakage… go and must watch…..

  15. faaltu movie! ce aur d3 mein kya anokha dekha tum logo ne aise mausam mein ticket price kam rakhke aur koi movie 10 crore se jyada nahi kama thi. salman ki movie aam aadmi ke liye hai, tum jaise videshiyo ke liye nahi.
    gret movie jai ho.

  16. While watching this movie I felt that the director just wants to force our sub conscience that Salman is a good human being because he helps people. Nothing against Salman but he seriously needs to take up some serious movies, even Akshay does SPECIAL 26 once in a while.

  17. Salman tere ko grouping se jyada movie pr dhyan dena chahiye full bakwas movie and SRK really better and grouping means salman+amair uncle+Sonakshi aunty,

  18. I believe you are living in dreams my friend!!! Come out of the dream fact is its not goona earn even 200 crores in India. It would be falling well short of his biggest hit Ek tha tiger!!! Just go by the facts and figure don’t be temperamental!!

  19. Am amazed how salman khan’s stuff got dat low figured collection.it unusual for ‘post-2010’ salman and better for ‘pre-2010’ salman khan

  20. Bhai ki daryadili dekho record nahi bhai ne toh apne fans k liye apni movie jai ho ki tickets prize kam kr di isko bolte hain real hero aisa sirf bhai he kr skte hain…. I proud to be salman khan fan…….

  21. Salman khan role is very nice & film bhi nice hai . but first day collection is bad. but aage collection jada hoga.

  22. Ticket price kam karke bahut badi galti ki bhai..even now if there is more audience it will NT work..b coz film budget is more..aam admi ke bare mein kuch zyada hi soch liya..movie was good..but feeling sad.

  23. Jai Ho Opening Day Business Analysis

    Its Pretty Unusual Thing A Big Release Lower Down Its Ticket Price So That Large Number of People Can Watch and Enjoy It. The Golden Hearted Man Salman Khan Did This. Jai Ho is a Film For Common Man, Their Problem and Their Life. The Film Has a Social Message to Help 3 More People If Someone Helped You Instead of Just Saying Thanks. The Creation of Human Chain an Effort to Bring The Change in The Society. To Make It Reachable to Everyone Salman Decided to Keep The Price For Jai Ho Tickets Low. He Gave The Message to Distributor and Theaters Owner to Keep It Lower.

    Where The Big Films Like Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express had Ticket Price as Much as 900 RS and 400+ RS Respectively. For Jai Ho It was Not Even Close 350 at Highest Price. Tickets are Available for Even 100 Rs for Jai Ho at Lowest. This is What People’s Man Salman Khan Wanted, Make It Open For Everyone and Take Home The Social Message with You and Help People.

    So With Such Low Tickets Price If Jai Ho Got an Opening of 17.55 crores Nett Then No Way it Is Bad Business At All. Everywhere The Tickets Price is More Than 30% Less Some Places Its Even 50% Less If We Compare with Dhoom 3. Now Do Your Math, Hope You Get It… Jai Ho…

  24. Are pehle Chennai Express ka Record to break kar ke dikhae fir Dhoom3 ke record ko break karne ki sochna “Lallu khan”!

  25. hahahhaha just ₹17cr a big lol. If an SRK’s movie had done poor business like this then Koimoi would said that SRK’s stardom is in danger, Salman Khan is the new king blah blah blah…!!

  26. salman bhai ab to remake banana chor ke kuch original karo ab log jaagruk hote ja rahe hai. Kick bhi south ki remake hai jo ki maine dekhi hai. Aur sallu bhai kabhi bhi ravi teza se acchi acting nahi kar sakta kunki uski acting ekdum alag hai. So please sauth ki movie ki copy karna band kar do.

    • bhai king khan remake banakar suparhit karna kisi aaltu faltu actor k dam ki baat nahi h y to salman khan m hi dam h or jai ho bhi suparhit jayagi…………bhai……….jai ho

  27. r u not gettint that ticket price low.
    salman bhai ne bolke kam karaaya price.

    inni booking me 100 rupees badha do figure apne aap increase ho jaayega.

    but bhai doesnt care about that and he thinks movie should be in reach of aam adami.
    luv u bhai u rocks

  28. poor music,poor direction by sohail khan,poor villain and poor quality of script murdered this movie.although it carries a good social massage bt more over bakwass..”ek tha tiger” se faltu nahi hai bt faltu hai…

  29. Salman’s efforts are honest…..he done a great job,
    but sohail have to be look back at his direction skills…he completely wasted 1st half….2nd half is good with salman’s action especially last half hour..music is waste by sajid wajid

  30. modi ko support kiya isliye popularity aur collection hua hai aur agar collection jyada bhi raha to bhi srk jaisi acting nahi kar sakta….aur ye collection sahi hai kyunki dhoom 3 aur ce kar collection yahi pe sahi bataya tha…

    • ye collection isliye kam he kyu ki ticket price kam thi… 80-200 in multiplexes and 250-400 in single screen…. nt lyk D3 and CE… the movie has gr8 msg… aur uss msg ko har aam aadmi tk pohochane ke liye ticket price kam ki gyi thi… We proud of u bhai… u r gr8… Lov u dilse…<3

  31. jo insan ka soch bakwas hae wo to yahi kahega agar aap inaniyat ke liye ku6 aa6a kehte hae to…aap ko hi galat lagti hae jab aap log par gujarta hae to pata lagata hae ki reality kya hota hae….dhoom 3 aur C.E bakwas hae ….aur rahegi iss movie ke samne..,..

  32. Whatever guys, the downfall started that’s good and make scene. The shit he’s serving again and again forcing people to enjoy it, going to stop soon. It is surprising to see him doing charity being such a greedy person generating money on cheap plots through family production makes no sense. The charity is a publicity stunt started right after killing those people in the street. He has a good faith on judicial system mentioned about Modi’s case; now it’s time to show him how it applies on him. The violent animal is not good for society; it kills each other as well as human being. So I hope the justice system should be 100% trustworthy to Mr. Salman Khan by sentencing him appropriate time behind the bar in 2014.

  33. sallu bhai did very big mistake. we love you bhai jaan, but about box office jai ho can’t cross 100 cr. god bless u bhai jaan n all sallu fans

  34. supper hit movie hai ho …aaj tak bollywood aisi movie kabhi nahin bani is movie me is movie hame kuch sekhne ko mile ga aur is chiz ko ham agar flo karte hain to koi bhi pareshan nahin rahega aur isme hamari bhalai hai aur mai sukar gujaar hun sohail khan sahab ka jo aisa kuch public ke samne pes kiye aur ham ummed karte hai aisa kuch harare samne ata rahe kyonki ham agar kisi ko bhi bolne jay to koi bhi nahin kare ga aur aur agar yahi sab movie me dekhne ko milta hai to bahoot se aise loog hai jo is cheez ko flo karte hain kyonki aaj ki janretion ko movie se bahoot fark padta hai movie dekh ke hi fashion & love – ya aur bhi kuch movie dekhne ke baad hi karten hain aur ab ye dekhne komila jai ho muvie me mujhe bharosa hai ki bahoot fark pade ga hamare janta ko …bahoot se presaan logon ko madat bhi mil jaygi ….kahna to bahoot kuch chahata hun is movi ke baare me lekin bas itna ……aur meri bhi ye khowahis hai ki jo bhi ye comment pade o 3 apne fnd ko send karen……than’s

  35. sab ka lia a flime ha because salman give every one a massage. so ticket prices low. i thing every one need to watch the movie must. great movie.

  36. nice movie first time koi ashe movie lekar aaya h …………jo mango man ko acha message deya h thankssssssss salman bhaiiiiiiiiiii

  37. salman aapko modi k paas nahin jana chaiye tha aapka jaane ka anzaam dekhliya bahut Badi galti kardi aapne muzaffar nagar men v jake aapne program kiya ye v galti ainda aisi galti na ho media k saamne maari mang lijiye insa allah sab thik ho jayega aamin

  38. jabarjast movie he jai ho supper fadu movie he tere naam 2 bhi isse beter nahin balki isse suppper jabarjast honi chahiye.



  40. Sir jii 5000 screens pe release hui hai jai ho . . . .toh phirr kam ticket prices ka rona kyon . . .Chennai express 3500 and dhoom3 . 4300 screens

  41. Iss fim ko dekh kar thank you mat bolo….instead 3 logo ki madat kar do..ye bolkar ki yeh film mat dekhe…so that woh aur 3 logo ki madat kar de….Worst movie ive seen in my life!!!

  42. I also love Salman Khan but this is not expectation after a long gap.
    I am bored to watch remake movie.
    We want sth unique & serious movie.

  43. every positive person who love india must watch this movie and act according to it message . mafia , carruption , negative and lost people will reject it , positive people will bless it . this movie can not be rejected becasue any body talk against he will be against india .action make you feel and move . make positive steps dont be negative . lets start jai ho to all good people jai ho youth jai ho aam adm

  44. Even if the film doesnt break records in terms of money ..but each and every one is eager to see thia movie and ticket price is kept low so that the massege goes to more number of people and they get a chance to enjoy and feel the movie in less cost..salman Khan Rocks ..Jai Ho

  45. not up to the mark collections. its modi’s real effect. salman bonded with modi and see the results. modi lovers will not love it but its the bitter fact. its realistic brand modi results.

  46. this movei is against what is bemari happening in india pakistan bangladesh nepal and srilanka . maybe all the world , but it is giving small and easy suluation to solve the problems but what is surpising it is open our eyes what is happening now after moveie release it is saying you find diff people and reaction and good and bad but struggle and change . . we are behind good or bad happening to us , change jai ho starting of change

  47. superb movie…dont compare with money…this movie is a message for our people….help each other and something doing again corruptoin

  48. Jai ho film is very good and also i hope this film almost break the whole box office record and make a new reacord because of at that time there is the time of election and the common men also known as this film is about of a power of common men that if they want anything then they do everything beacuse everything possible ever and ever. so i hope all people likes this film


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