All predictions failed for Inkaar as the film opened to poor occupancy on Friday. It was expected that the film would fetch at least 40%-50% opening for itself. However that wasn’t the case to be as audience just didn’t step in hordes to watch the film. Resultantly, the film saw footfalls in the range of 20%-30% and though there was some level of improvement over rest of the weekend, it wasn’t striking enough to boost its overall fortunes.

Chitrangada Singh And Arjun Rampal In Inkaar Movie Stills
Chitrangada Singh And Arjun Rampal In Inkaar Movie Still

As of now, the opening weekend stands around the 5.80 crore mark. This is what Table No. 21 with a relatively much smaller cast and lesser promotion had done earlier this year. Though this is better than what director Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi (2011) had earned in its opening weekend (4 crores), one certainly expected much better from this Arjun Rampal and Chitrangada Singh starrer.


The film did fetch some good testimonials from those inside the industry as good word of mouth had started spreading days before it hit the screens. However the fact that the film didn’t excite audience enough to step into theatres has hit it hard. Also the word of mouth is mixed which would impact its overall fortunes as well.

Other release of the week, Mumbai Mirror, has proven to be a washout at the box office. With weekend collections just around the 1 crore mark, the writing is clear on the wall. These numbers are in fact on the same lines as Sachiin Joshi’s last release Aazaan (2011).

Though it was stated in this column that the film has it’s chances primarily at single screens and interiors, the fact that even audience there wasn’t much inclined to give the film a dekko proved to be further downer for this Ankush Bhatt directed affair. The director can take solace from the fact that opening weekend of Mumbai Mirror is double of what Bhindi Bazaar Inc. (2011) had managed on its release.

As for Bandook, it was neither promoted nor released well. Resultantly, it wasn’t even reviewed by critics, leave aside being seen by the audience, and didn’t have any collections whatsoever to boast of.

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