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Vikram Vedha starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan is all set to be in people’s court. The film has managed to sustain well amid the common sentiment against remakes done by Bollywood. The trailer has clicked really well with the viewers and gained some mileage for the film. There’s an air of excitement surrounding this biggie but let’s see how it is faring here, in Koimoi’s ‘How’s The Hype?’.

Saif Ali Khan look

Saif looks dashing in a white t-shirt and sunglasses. His intense face along with his salt-and-pepper beard and well-groomed hair gives intriguing vibes. His look has been liked by 71% of our Twitter voters.

Hrithik Roshan look

Hrithik’s first look screams the unpredictability and fierceness of his character. HR is seen with sunglasses and donning a black kurta-like shirt with blood stains on his chest. Around 81% of our voters liked it.


After a long time, we saw such an engaging and gripping trailer for a mass action entertainer from Bollywood. Hrithik’s darkest character ever and Saif’s intense act hold the attention with the right dialogues coming at the right times. It’s pacy and thrilling with a lot of hard-hitting violent glimpses. Also, special mention to Vijay Raaz’s heavy voice and BGM which takes the trailer to next level. It has been liked by 80% of our Twitter voters.

Alcoholia song

When there’s Hrithik, at least one dance song is expected! This Alcoholia song is a fun song and it’s a perfect treat for HR fans as he shows off some flawless moves. It received thumbs up from 61% of our voters.

Hrithik Roshan’s “Yahi Toh Aapko Pata Lagana Hai, Sir” dialogue promo

This dialogue is a part of Vikram Vedha’s trailer and has been released separately too. It’s the conversation between Saif and Hrithik, where Saif asks HR “what’s his plan?” To this, HR replies that it’s up to Saif to figure it out. It’s liked by 77% of our voters.

Saif Ali Khan’s “We Are The Good Guys” dialogue promo

This dialogue too is a part of the trailer. In it, Saif explains his police colleague about how “they are the good guys” as they don’t kill innocents. It’s liked by 72% of our voters.

Bande song

Bande song beautifully elevates the trailer and as a separate track too, it just spikes the excitement of a viewer with its energetic and intense composition. It goes perfectly with the genre. Visually too it’s highly engaging and thrilling. Around 74% of our Twitter voters liked it.

On the whole, Vikram Vedha has received a big thumbs up from 75% of our Twitter voters. It’s clearly seen that despite being a remake of a modern cult in Tamil cinema, the audience is ready to give a chance to this film. Call it Hrithik Roshan‘s goodwill or blockbuster trailer, people have been positive so far towards the film. As it’s a regular Friday release, a bumper opening is not going to happen. Nonetheless, a good start is definitely on the cards, probably the second best for Bollywood in 2022 after Brahmastra.

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