It looks like Rani Mukerji’s quirky portrayal of Naina, a teacher ailing from Tourette Syndrome, has touched the hearts of moviegoers across the country. With its 3rd week on the big screen coming to an end, Hichki has become a trailblazer for small budget films at the Box Office.

On Thursday, the Rani Mukerji starrer collected 35 lacs at the Box Office, maintaining its steady run. So far, the film the film has collected a grand total of 42.55 crores in the 3 weeks since its release, making it one of the most profitable films of the year.

Hichki Box Office
Hichki Box Office: Low Screen Count, Major Releases & Still Earning!

Initially, box office analysts had predicted that Hichki would end its run at the 30 crore mark. However, the film has managed to surpass all expectations, despite facing competition from films like Baaghi 2, Raid and Blackmail. Targeted at a niche audience, the film was never expected to become such a hit. Additionally, the film was made on a budget of 20 crores, which it recuperated through its non-theatrical rights. This means the film has making profits since day one on the silver screen.

In a recent interview with Filmibeat, the actress talked at length about Hichki’s success at the Box Office. “As an actor, you feel relieved when your film is accepted on a Friday. The way an audience takes back a film is also equally important. When we set out to make a film as a team, we all think of making it successful because we love the story, “ she said. “Here with Hichki, the audience loved the movie and also took back the message which we wanted to convey from the film. That’s a bigger success for us. Every person whether it’s a student, teacher, parent or even a colleague at a work has related with some character in the film.”

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