Kareena Kapoor starrer Heroine Movie Poster
Kareena Kapoor starrer Heroine Movie Poster

Yet again a new release went exactly as per script at the box office over the weekend gone by. As predicted, Heroine was expected to open at an average of 60% collections and enjoy a stable release right through the weekend. This is how the Madhur Bhandarkar directed affair behaved as well with a good opening Friday followed by Saturday and Sunday showing 10%-15% growth on day by day basis as well.


Though various sources have claimed contradictory collections which may indicate erratic footfalls for the film, UTV has set the records straight by releasing the official collections as per which the film has indeed performed well and is on road to making profits. Standing at 25 crores over the first weekend, the film is a decent success, especially considering the fact it’s controlled costs. Also, Heroine is now en route to be highest grossing Madhur Bhandarkar film after Fashion and Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji, both of which collected in the range of 30 crores each.

The film was impacted in a major way by two factors – a) Mixed reviews, some of them which were really scathing, and b) rise in fortunes of Barfi!, especially after the Oscar nomination which raised further curiosity amongst the viewers. Even though audience word of mouth for the film has ranged from decent to good, hence allowing stable collections over the weekend, the Kareena Kapoor starrer could have enjoyed a better status if not for the aforementioned factors. Having said that, these are still good collections for a woman centric film and overall, a profitable venture. Also, Kareena has benefited further from all around positive reviews about her performance.




  1. too…good..movie…
    awosam work done by kareena kapoor..
    excellent work….by heroine kareena…
    must watch..
    aword winning acting..by bebo…
    n not compred with fashion n page3 or dirty pic….
    it’s a different story……awosam work by whole team of heroine…


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