Gold and Satyameva Jayate clashed on Independence Day and both the films proved to be a Box-Office juggernaut as far as the opening day collections are concerned. The two films combined raked in close to Rs 45 crore on the release day, thereby being one of the biggest single day collections in history of Bollywood. While Gold proved to be the biggest opener of all time for Akshay Kumar by surpassing his previous best Singh Is Bliing, which raked in approximately Rs 20 crore on its first day. Satyameva Jayate on the other hand raked in approximately Rs 19 crore, thereby becoming the biggest opener of all time for John Abraham by surpassing the opening day collections of Welcome Back.

Despite the clash, both films benefited majorly by the Independence Day holiday which helped them pose these collections. Gold ran riot at the multiplexes where the tickets sold like a hot cake, it also managed to do good business at the mass belts due to the presence of Akshay Kumar in the film. Satyameva Jayate on the other hand surprised everyone with the opening as the film recorded an earth-shattering occupancy in the single screens. As mentioned above, both Gold and Satyameva Jayate proved to be record openers for the lead actors, which is a great achievement.

Gold And Satyameva Jayate Clash Help Akshay Kumar and John Abraham Deliver Their Best - Here's How!
Gold & Satyameva Jayate Clash Help Akshay Kumar, John Abraham Deliver Their Best – Here’s How!

The successful start of both films on a national holiday also says that we would see a lot of films clashing during the holiday season as this clash proves that two films appealing to different set of audience can easily co-exist. In-fact, both the films also benefit by clash as the same always leads to an added hype among the audience due to the media created battle between the two parties. Both films and stars are pitted against each other organically by the media, which creates a certain amount of anticipation among the audience. In this clash, there was a clear bifurcation in terms of audience appeal as Gold primarily appealed to the audience in metros, whereas Satyameva Jayate appealed to the masses at B and C centres.

The clash between two films appealing to different set of audience will be beneficial not just for the audience, who get an opportunity to chose between two films based on the their taste, but also to the exhibitors who can screen the two films and earn big bucks. There are occasions when not so universally appealing films release on a national holiday, because of which either single screens or multiplexes suffer. From hereon, only universally appealing event films might get a solo release during the festive season/national holidays and everyone else might face a clash. Although clash between films appealing to a similar set of audience would not make sense, a clash between two diverse films would optimise the business of both the films. As seen in this clash, both Akshay and John made the most of this opportunity. The attempt should be to make a good film and be honest in your approach as the audience will always reward a good film with appropriate numbers.

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