Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra In Don 2
Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra In Don 2

Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 opened to mixed response this week. The film’s estimated all-India net collection figure for the first day (December 23) is Rs. 14.5 to 15 crore, despite the mixed reports.

The action-thriller, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani and Lara Dutta, had opened to fair houses at some places and to good houses at others on Friday.

Don 2 Box-Office Contest

Guess the opening weekend collections of Don 2 (all India nett) and you could win prizes from! Leave your estimates in the comments section below.

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    • Don-2 looks like it may cross 57 crores in 3 days weekend.

      Sat could be 18 crores
      Sun could be 23-25 crores.

      Real numbers are never revealed.

    • Hey, You should won the contest of predicting the weekend earning as you predicted exactly the same (49 Crore). Congratulations.

      • How is SALMAN not done when his were REAL “FLOPS” which canot even recover investments.

        How is Ra.One is a flop when it earned 100+ crores?

        Wishful thinking from Sallu & midgit aamir fans.

  1. stop giving us wrong informations, don2 is not a succes, almost was empty , not enough people, it didnt make even 12 cr, the real crore was 8.9 cr..

    • Haha yeah u were sitting in every cinema across India counting the number of people attending the shows? lol. U are not only lame but jobless too lol.

  2. i need my money back , that movie was so confusing and boring, i didnt even finish it , many people left, i dont think, people gonna watch the weekend, well , i will not advise anybody, really disapointed..i give 2/5

      • u were so confused and didnt finish.that means u didn’t understand the film.. drama/thriller films are all about the climax,first half is boring because film grows from there and the story becomes dramatic at end….u guyz are awful movie watchers -_-

        • >Saale tu blog likh raha hai ya newspaper chala raha hai?I agree.. KKR is chanrisg because of SRK Teams with more interference of their owners are the ones losing (Shilpa, Preity and SRK) Teams like DC and Delhi are winning because of least interference from owners

      • BODYGUARD is way better than this garbage called DON2, actually it should be called DOG2 AS the lead actor’s acting was exactly like a DOG. BODYGUARD was a fantastic film with an amazing love story, superb/dynamic action scenes, mind-blowing comedy and wonderful/rocking music scores. But DON2 is so crappy with our Hollywood films Mission Impossible series film’s copies.. (bank robery stories and jump from the tower are copies from our Hollywood’s MI films), 1st half of DOG2 was so boring like i was almost sleeping and the climax was impossibly ridiculous. why this cheap actor Sharuk wants to loot our pockets with his crappy films everytime? Last time he tried with a shit called Ra.One and this time… with this super nonsense and utter rubbish film DOG2. At least Salmon is honest.. he says what he has in the film like i saw his interview b4 BODYGUARD release… he was saying his film has extreme heroism, an amazing love story, hilarious comic scenes and mind-blowing actions with some unbelievable action scenes) and he was right but Sharuk use to convince people by promoting his film like its a superb film with no nonsense but when u get inside the theatre to watch a DOG2 or Ra.1.. u will feel like vomitting and u desperately wait for ‘The End’ of the film to save yourself from the shitty atmosphere.

      • Let the public decide it which film is better, its not about ur opinion or my opinion, because we might have different way of thinking but the result will be appropriate which will come from the majority of public, if the public/audience love Don2 more than Bodyguard, or if Don2 can attract more audience and earn more money & profit at box office then u can say Don2 is better but if Don2 fails to attract audience and can’t touch Bodyguard’s record collection at box office then accept the public verdict and assure yourself that Bodyguard is better than Don2.

        • please dont compare crap south indian already blockbuster remaker Salu with SRK. Don-2 is original & untested in regional language market. If Don-2 makes even 100 crores, its much bigger blockbuster than BODYGUARD which was made 3rd time after tamil & Telugu.

          If original products does a business of 80 crores on its own is much better than remake of a remake of a remake by a same director in all languages aka Bodyguard.

          when sallu made original movie called VEER, it BOMBED. FLOP. Salman is only good for remakes after original south superstars have already risked their reputation & made regional films blockbusters.

          • Don’t call south films crap, even Shahrukh did remake of south indian film, his Swades, 1 two ka 4 etc.. were South film’s remakes which were flops in Hindi but were Superhits in South. And who told u Don2 is original? 1st of all the franchisee ‘Don’ is a copy of Amitabh Bachchan’s 1978 classic film DON; Shahrukh copied 1st DON with same dialogues and songs even after 28 years… (same… 11 mulko ki police Don ki talaash me hai). At least Salman remade some good story’s films from south in to hindi language because those films were unknown to Hindi audience and were new for them; but what SRK did? He remade 2 hindi languages films again in Hindi?? And are these films (Devdas and Don) new to Hindi film audience? And Don2 is not original at all, 1st of all the franchisee Don is copied, and in Don2 they copied scenes and sequences from many Hollywood films, specially they copied the scenes and story idea from Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series films; so u can’t call Don2 an original concept. Salman never promotes his films with so hue and cry, but SRK even after spending lot of time and money for promotion if he delivers less money at box office, then its surely an ultimate failure. If original film can’t do well then how Aamir Khan’s original film ‘3 Idiots’ created record at box office and became the biggest ever success in indian cinema history? Salman’s Veer did not do well at Box Office but it was not badly bombed, it was just beow average but how can u forget his original story & content’s film DABANGG? Dabangg was original with a new comer director and actress but it created Earth-Shattering record at box office and became Salman’s 3rd ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER. See, SRK is a star but only because he does films with already established filmmakers like Yash Chopra, Karan Johar etc.. and when he works with any new comer director… he delivers big flops like Paheli, Asoka, 1 two ka 4, Yeh Lamhe Judia ke etc..; but Salman can deliver All TIME BLOCKBUSTER even if he works with a new comer director like Prabhudeva, Siddique or Abhinav Kashyap, because of his charisma and charm, Salman loves to give chance to new comers and strugglers, he loves to support them to build their career, he even helped & supported Shahrukh when SRK was a struggler and new-comer to Mumbai/Bollywood.. (SRK admitted that Salman gave him food and shelter when he was a struggler in Bollywood). So, my friend it is not like u are thinking, its only the matter of time and good luck, both Salman and Shahrukh are 2 of the biggest Superstars of India but some times back Salman was having bad time when SRK was roicking and was having very good time; now its Salman’s turn.. let him enjoy his good time and be happy that SRK is not having so bad time like Salman had; so don’ty be jealous for him, he is a good heart and one of the strongest pillars of indian cinema.

      • are u kidding bodyguard is storyless movie ,fake ,copy of south,sallu ab to bas kar.obiously don 2 is better than bodyguard.i mean to say salmmans all movie is equals to don2 .its awesome .due to don 2 internationl postion of indian film industry is raising our head.foreigners r watching our movies with interest.go srk make them sure that we can do like them.i saw movie its histoty changing movie of srk again.

        • Bodyguard has not story?? U must be a bloody fool and typical low mentality Indian sick kid. Are u an educated? I doubt; otherwise how could you not recognize an amazing flick BODYGUARD with an amazing love-story with many emotion and a surprising twist, comic scenes are also great. You must be a 3rd class immature & illiterate stupid kid who is suffering from the blind love with Shark Kahn and live in a fake imaginary world… u psycho definitely need a psychiatrist; u need to rush to a mental hospital as soon as possible before your mental condition gets worse!

          Don 2 or any of Shark Kahn’s films don’t have foreign audience, only NRIs, Pakis and Bangladeshis watch his films. But Salman has foreign fans, watch SRK’s friend Kabir Khan’s interview in youtube to know how we whites/black foreign people or Arabs and Turkish are crazy for Salman and his films. The proof: Salman was approached by our Hollywood to do a film and he is the only Indian actor who did a Hollywood film as the lead actor; Hollywood actresses, I am from USA and I and many of my friends are big fans of Salman and I know what kind of fans Shark Kahn has in USA, I knew Sharuk when he was arrested in Newark Airport, even our security couldn’t identify him and he was crying for his identity and release. Kim Kardashian, Ali Larter, Mila Jovovich etc.. said in youtube interview that they are big fans of Salman and they want to work with him; You can watch Hollywood superstar Richard Gere’s interview with an Indian host to find how Salman is popular in USA and in Hollywood. PEOPLE Magazine of USA and also said Salman is the most popular INDIAN actor in the world. So be in your dream by thinking only about Shark.

    • you were confused because you may lack intelligence. Looks like salman movies have done long term damage to your brain. Your brain is probably use to looking forward to “item” number every 20 mins. A word of advice. If you did not understand intelligent thriller. buy a ticket again & watch it again. Maybe after 3rd screening, you’ll really enjoy it.

    • when someone says that they didn’t understand the movie, that definitely means that they are lallu’s fans. Because just like Lallu’s brainless movies, they are also brainless. They won’t understand this kind of movie which involves mind. Lallu may be the TIGER, but he needs to get that there is only ONE KING in the jungle, and that is SRK.

    • Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site prior to but soon after searching via a few of the artlice I recognized it is new to me. Anyways, I’m certainly pleased I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back again often!

  3. Don 1 was better than Don 2 i don,t like don 2 yarr very bad story bagwas movie don 2 total box office collection will be 90 cr…..

  4. Its
    Friday-15 cr
    Saturday- 18 cr
    Sunday – 21/22 cr
    Total weekend- may b 55 cr
    First week total can reach 100 also
    but most probably will b abv 90

  5. 15 + 20 + 23 = 58…………may be more………but not less for sure,,,,,and both ra one and don 2 are far better in values than bodyguard……just money doesent says all

  6. Sir the movie is amazing..all the ppl i talked to loved it and im evn seeing fb updates ov my frndz luvin d movie..i think the word of mouth will spread n the movie will be a blockbuster..and it is surely better than all the other blockbusters this year..its a nice christmas n new year watch..

  7. some are saying that “we left movie in between or we didnt finish it”,my question is if u left in between then how could u judge a movie?

  8. whoever is saying that don2 is bkwas, i am xtremely sorry to say but that guy dont understand technology and great movies, don2 till date is the best bollywood action movie and best from shahrukh khan

  9. 1st weekend 48- 51 crore (Hindi version). Don 2 will collect more th@n 52 crore (@ll version) in this weekend due to 3000+ prints.But it is not s@tisf@ct@ble for this huge movie.If it would shows 80 -85% occupancy in 1st weekend (Multiplexes & Single Screens) it could collect 72-75 crore (@ll version).SRK w@s not @ble to show 80% + occupancy in both Multiplexes & Single Screens on Frid@y.From these it is cle@r th@t SRK is not @s big @s S@LM@N @t boxoffice right now.

  10. Don2 definetly a very intlijnt movie.very wel directd by farhan.and lastly as always suparb permformence by’s defineatly beat bodygurd.

  11. may be 96 crores. Hello mr. Abhishek srk is d real king. Uske samne salman chitti he. Sirf good looks sab kuch nhi hota. Again go and watch d film, then u’ll realize what u commented. THE KING IS BACK.

  12. After many days I have watched a nice movie of shah rukh kahn Don 2.
    Nice story, nice suspension after all it is many times watch movie. After every time watch new thing will come from this movie and will know about godfather life

  13. nothing is wrong with DON2.people who badmouthed Ra.One by declaring it a lame script are’nt able to digest Don2’s flame like script. In the end its only corporate rivalries or Jealousy towards SRK. but a big middle finger to all dumb asses.THE KING IS BACK to kick you all.


  15. from my opinion Don 2 will surely collect 48 -50crores in its first three days shows.Overseas collections is huge like all srk movies. Don2 is a nice thriler movie.Don2 proves thats why Sharukh khan is a versatile actor?.his every movie is extra comments collections will reveal the truth.i love srk.

  16. srks movies are entertainig and some brain used movie.not like brainless movie of lallu bhai sorry sallu . i think u should watch such classic action and brained movie like don 2.sallu fans dont get angry.wash ur head and see such meaningfull movie.i am really sick and tired of south indian and sallus south indian remake movies.

  17. INSHA ALLAH shar rukh khans Don2 is a super duper hit and the 1st week net collections is 80crores INSHA ALLAH and GOD bless for Salman khans Ek Tha Tiger.

  18. DON2 is an extraordinary movie i have ever watched.there is no doubt that SRK is the king of is not wise to compare SRK with Salman as king can’t be compared with a soldier.SALLU police wale role mein he accha lagta ha

  19. arey woh bhadkhao srk hai sallu bhai se compare mat karo … salman khan remake kara to hi hit jata bolte na tum loga phir dabangg to remake nahi hai woh movie kyun block buster hui ..n 4r u kind infrmtn sallul hav 4 all tym blockbusters n srk hav only 2 :P he he he h

  20. the film is worth watching. totally unpredictable . much more better than any other superhit film of the year including bodyguard,singham& bakwas southindian style action . after this movie again takes indian movies to the next level. really appreciable. i dont know how people like insipid movies like ready dabang bodyguard or singham.

  21. srk worldwide icon. Kim,ali,milla j this are small people so they r sallaman fans. Srk fans:dowry jr,leonardo c,kristen stewart,jonny depp,natalie portman,etc.if sallu is fomous worldwide so why not even 1 movie of sk can’t break srk overseas record.


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