Dhoom 3 is breaking records left, right and centre. After the biggest opening day ever, it went on to score the fastest 100 crore ever in mere three days. Later, it continued to score quite heavily during weekdays as well with the big holiday of Christmas bringing it to the peak all over again. As a result, the film had a tremendous first week – again the biggest ever in the history of Indian cinema – with approx 185.50 crores (including Tamil and Telugu version).

Now these are mind boggling numbers by all means, especially considering the fact that yet again, the film wasn’t a favourite of the critics this year. The reviews were mixed and though no one panned it, there were many questions asked around the script loopholes, acting department and even the intent behind its making. As is usually the case though, none of that mattered for the ‘aam junta’, as was proven by the footfalls that the film gained on all the seven days, not just in India but even overseas.

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

Yes, the fact cannot be denied that even amongst the audience the word of mouth wasn’t all around positive. However what worked in favour of this Aditya Chopra production was that just about everyone saw the film at least once and hence formed an opinion. In the time of rampant piracy, this too was good enough for the film to gain moolah on a continuous basis, hence resulting in Dhoom 3 gaining a blockbuster status in one week flat.

The way this Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra starrer is going, director Vijay Krishna Acharya is all set to be heralded as the director behind the biggest grosser ever for an Indian film. While 200 crore would be conveniently surpassed inside the second weekend itself, record of Chennai Express (226 crore) would be broken before end of second week.

From this point on, the next target would be to gain an entry into the ‘250 crore club’, of which Aamir Khan would be the founding member, as was the case with the 100 crore (Ghajini) and 200 crore (3 Idiots) club.

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  1. advantages for dhoom 3.
    1) released in 4500screens biggest release in bollywood.
    2) no opposite competiton for this movie.
    3) everyone is going and watching because of dhoom franchise not for aamir.
    4)ticket rates hikes
    5) 90% who went to theatre dont like the movie at all.

  2. Hi why r u not considering Krrish 3 as blockbuster u just comparing CI & D3 but K3 has broken record of CI . Any reason please reply reason Thank you

  3. Lol…….haters are again crying because Dhoom 3 destroy their short term Chennai Express record badly……… and don’t talk about extra screens Chennai Express collect 12 Crores with 3500 Screens on Monday so it is not screens , it is audience who decided the fate for any movie if people like the movie they will see it again and again…..

  4. People are watching this movie for dhoom brand not for amir khan. No one can deny this fact. Amir khan does n’t suit the character.

  5. Really 90% where did you get that stat from? even with 90% people not liking it the movie is doing well that is impressive don’t you think,
    Like most haters they will make things up to back up their argument. Even CE was biggest release ever when it came out and had hiked ticket prices was released on a holiday. People will always come out with excuse but the fact is the movies broke records like it or not.

  6. chennai express is blockbuster ever and forever………….

    once upon a time in mumbai2 is released within 6 days of ce release then also it collected 226cr bt without any competition d3 collecting more coz it released in more theaters and also from telugu tamil versions (upto 35cr from telugu and tamil) and ticket rates are hike and also there is no recent movie to watch in theate one more is from 20 onwards christmas and new year holidays are there………. so its no matter how much it earns ,,,, its a waste movie and ever & never compare it wid SRK’s “chennai express”

    • Well if you are so intelligent in bringing no. of theaters and ticket prices into consideration here then you should not celebrate CE’s success even!
      As compared to 3 Idiots, CE had 3 times the ticket price and 3 times the no. of screens, yet you SRK fans celebrated it like there’s no tomorrow! Also the dollar price was at its highest when CE released and hence it could overtake 3 Idiots when it came to worldwide collections!

      I agree Dhoom 3 is not as per Aamir Khan standards(coming from a big Aamir fan); however it’s a far better movie than CE!

      • Wow GYAN saahab, gud n REAL info, keep it up … … jab CE release hua tha tho becharon ko kya pata tha ki baap aa raha hai 3 months baad, ass maarne srk ki, ab 200 cr kya kamali, aisa kar rahe the jaisa bandar ke haath mein aaina milna gaya tha, ab rothe raho SRk fanssssssssss……

    • And it took 5 years for your so-called king(SRK) to break the record of ACE AAMIR KHAN, he created 100cr in 2008, then 202+ cr. in 2009, and a movie CE comes and breaks after 4 years with 3500+ screens on first day, and 3 Idiots only 1200 screens on first day.

  7. dhoom 3 was one of the most waited bollywood movie of 2013 but was not upto the mark story was poor and need more improvement
    best thing of movie was Amir Khan role which was excellent and leaves impression on us .

  8. dhoom is beter movie but aamir role as samar is total copied from my name is khan role rizwan khan,aamir cpoied king khan role from my name is khan.

  9. i am fan of all Amir,SRK and SALMAN i won’t let to watch any movies of them…4500 screen…no competetion for 2 continuous week …ticket rates dobles than normal movie..if the ticket rates would have normal then film would have earner arond 100crores if you consider ticket price as 200-250rs and 3500 screens as like was CE…Dhoom is already a brand ..dont you people think if anyone would have worked other than Amir the collection would have same ….
    we know Dhoom 3 will break all records but Amir khan must have to accept geniuonly for defeat and he must have to redure ticket price for Dhoom 3..so people will go and watch…peoples need to accept the reality…we all here for entertainment..

  10. All the people who are comparing CE with Dhoom 3. Be A man to accept that Dhoom 3 has smashed all the records of CE N Krissh. CE Was released on thursday a holiday for EID. It too had free run for a week. Compare the figures of first week itslef. u speak about screens .. agar dum hota toh release karwa lete jyada screens me.. No one ready to release any film near by DHoom 3 .. Thats the Power of Aamir. Father of 100 cr , 200 cr and soon 300 cr club.

    • mere bhai ce koi franchise nhe the…na he wo 4500 screens me inida 900 screens mai abraod me release hue the………..and dhoom 3 is totally pathetic…..public to C…….ya banaya h movie ne..and tum usme se ek ho…

  11. Dhoom 3 was not upto the mark… story and action scene was very poor and need more improvement..

    Bike to Jet Ski & vice versa..
    Bike on Rope..
    Auto Riksha on Slum roof..


    Krissh was better compared to Dhoom3..

    1. Krissh
    2. Chennai Express
    3, Dhoom 3

    Learn something from Director Shankar of Robot…

    Another poor movie from Vijay Krishna Acharya.. after Tashan..

    • Yar Movies Main Zeda Technology Use Hoti He And Kam Yeh Actors Khud Stunts Karte Hain Sab Movies Main Asa Hi He Fake To Sab Movies Main Hota He Krish 3 Main Almost Sab Hi Fake Tha Kabhi Wo Hawa Main Ur Ra He Kabhi Wo Eik Aam Insan Ke Jese Mar Kha Kar Gir Jata He Kabhi Us Ke Baap Ki Takat Us Ko Mil Jati He Kabhi Kia Aur Kabhi Kia Sab Fake Eik Scene Original Ni Jis Par Believe Kia Jae.

  12. Chennai is the worst movie of sharuk so is dhoom for aamir….even the trailer of Jai ho seems unimpressive…I have no doubt that it will be the worst film of Salman in recent years even though it will collect huge amt of moolah….these guys will be ashamed to tell their grand children that these are the films which they were doing when they were Superstar!!
    Only Hritik will be happy that he can let his grand children watch krrish 3 as only kids can watch the worst film from the Krish series….hehe

  13. Hello chennai express is the biggest hit. no dhoom 3 comparable to srk movie Srk the no 1 net worth person of world even hollywood actars are behind him.ch.ex budget just 75cr. but dhoom 3 is 175cr so oh donkeys don’t compare.search who is king and no one richest actor ?mind it!

  14. Chennai is the worst movie of sharuk so is dhoom for aamir….even the trailer of Jai ho seems unimpressive…I have no doubt that it will be the worst film of Salman in recent years even though it will collect huge amt of moolah….these guys will be ashamed to tell their grand children that these are the films which they were doing when they were Superstar!!
    Only Hritik will be happy that he can let his grand children watch krrish 3 as only kids can watch the worst film from the Krish series….hehe

      • atleast considering the star value and big production house names attached to K3, CE, D3 and their final outcome I realised while watching Grand masti on TV that Grand Masti is a much better film and desrves to be in 100 cr club.

    • fully agree with you. mediocre films will always remain so whatever the box office figures say. this is the worst of aamir film. what a pity, waste of talent. i can watch talaash several times but not d3.


  15. CE : 3500 SCREENS , 1 doller = 68 rs, ticket prices: 200-250, total collection: 226 cr

    3 idiots, 1200 screens, 1 doller= 48 rs, ticket prices: 100-150 , total collection: 202 cr
    so who is the winner: itssss one and only aaaaamir

    • so compare this…..gadar ek prem katha….screen 500 india and 170 around abraod..ticket price around 40-50 rs……..total collection 280 cr………..so who is a winner

  16. I was very disappointed by d3. such a waste of talent.wonder how aamir accepted such a poor & pale story.all people are going only for the yrf label and aamir,hence the commercial success but am sure all mature cinegoers are disappointed with the product .Krrish 3 and CE at least came with more plausible stories.

  17. Let us stop comparing and just appreciate the films as it is because the actors put in a lot of hard work to make the films what they are. SRK, Aamir, Hrithik, and Salman are all equally the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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