Dhoom:3 after having a successful run at the India box office and entertaining the audiences in India was released in Turkey on 20th June. The film starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra in lead roles did extremely well at the Box Office in Turkey and has already entered the Turkey Top 10 charts at number 7.

Dhoom:3 Movie Poster
Dhoom:3 Movie Poster


The film in a screen count of 64, had an impressive start. Being one of the 3 new releases on the weekend, the film with its amazing responses fared excellently and was just behind How To Train Your Dragon 2.

Dhoom: 3 had the biggest opening ever for any Indian film in Turkey.

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  1. Enough of DHOOM 3. This is the worst action movie of all time. Even if I like Amir’s movie, this one is way too much loaded with stupidity.

    Jackie’s Greatest show on Earth for a circus? The circus show was so so so lame indeed. Good it was shut down by the landlord :)

    Robbing a bank in broad daylight then escaping in front of everyone’s eyes. I guess default password for the security vault was – “1234” and Amir accessed it while pretending to go for a pee and the security officer said – Toilet is right there..”

    New York cops were so incompetent that they had to resort to Indian police – things couldn’t get any better because Abhishek and his sidekick (wonder how he became cop in the 1st place..) proved to be more incompetent.

    How come today the circus is shut, tomorrow there’s a grand circus gala – does the tax department even know where Amir’s cash was coming from? He doesn’t even work during the day – so where all these “salary” comes from?

    Abhishek has to hang down a helicopter to be able to aim at the runaway thief..well…his health and safety manual was out of date during his training I guess…

    Katrina Kaif needs more dancing lessons. She cannot even dance. Duplicates had to be used if you people do not know.

    God, too much to say about this movie…
    Anyway, I know people are gonna be upset so let it be. I love Amir Khan’s movie though. But DHOOM 3? Man, he was a huge miscast..

  2. I have never seen this type of film world biggest flop film ever made in bollywood this is shame for bollywood

  3. Ek villain is tolerable but not more than tat,i just dnt understand 4 star.jab bhi lagta h kuch thrilling hoga gana a jata h.actting is of top notch.shraddha tried hard but asin from gazni was way better


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