Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 was rock steady on Day 9 i.e. 2nd Saturday at the Domestic Box Office. The movie raked in 11 crores yesterday, taking its nett India total to 207.50 crores at the Box Office.

Abhishek Bachchan in a still from Dhoom 3
Abhishek Bachchan in a still from Dhoom 3

The movie saw an average occupancy yesterday, but improved in afternoon and late night shows. If there is any escalation in business for the late evening shows today and the entire day tomorrow, Dhoom 3 will have a very good chance of crossing the lifetime business of Chennai Express (226.70 crores).

Koimoi Bollywood Box Office: 10 Days Collections Of Top Highest Grossers 

(all-India net collections) (in Rs. crores)

Weekly Collections Krrish 3
Chennai Express
3 Idiots
Ek Tha Tiger
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Dhoom 3
Paid Preview 6.75 2.75
Day 1 24.25 33.10 13.00 32.92 19.45 36.00
Day 2 21.60 28.00 11.64 14.55 20.16 33.25
Day 3 22.15 32.50 13.24 12.80 22.50 37.75
Sub Total 100.35 107.00
Day 4 35.91 12.60 10.94 16.78 13.00 21.00
Sub Total 103.91
Day 5 26.50 11.50 9.65 23.00 12.00 21.25
Sub Total 100.05
Day 6 19.50 12.55 8.31 20.00 11.00 23.75
Sub Total 150.00 173.00
Day 7  14.50 19.60 9.52 15.00 9.50 12.50
Sub Total 156.6 107.61
Day 8  11.50 7.00 11.00 10.20 7.00 11.00
Day 9  14.25 8.00 10.50 6.50 10.00 11.00
Sub Total 100.55 151.75
Day 10 16.00 10.00 12.50 4.50 11.75
10 Days Total 206.25 181.60 113.05 156.25 136.36
Lifetime Total 240.50 226.70 202 198 190.03

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  1. Gayhoom ka 2nd sat ka collection 11.00 cr hai (4500 screens )

    ce ka 2nd sat. 8.00 cr tha (1300 screens ) vo bhi clash hote hue..
    Feel the difference CE (y).. (y) lol

  2. i am wonder that komal natha is not giving Krrish 3 any response he is juss comparing D3 to CE . I would like to remaind you krrish3 is also a blockbuster and she has broken the record of CE. :)

  3. chennai express is typical rohit shetty film,dont give credit to srk.Srk never done a film like that before and he looks like a joker in that movie honestly.Srk cant give a big blockbuster film without a big banner or a director..If he have one let me know.Salman khan have many.Lets see the fate of happy new year.

  4. krrish3 is just a blockbuster.CE is an ATBB.only GOD knows actual collection of krrish3.while BO shows till friday D3’s collection was 172cr.but in these sites that is 195cr.which is inflated by YRF to save their reputation and also tingu(amir)’s career.SRK os the only person who gave 1st worldwide 400cr to bollywood.also D3 will also end with in 450.next year SRK will again invent 500cr,600cr worlwide club.but can you guarenteed about amir,sallu,hrithik and others because there will be no YRF for them at the time.lol.

    • Can u share the source of your information regarding D3 collecting only 172 crores till friday? Look up on wikipedia, where it clearly states D3 collected 174 Nett only hindi version till Thu against your Joker’s CE 139 Cr. Including the Tamil & Telugu versions, the numbers mentioned above are correct until 2nd Sat. Dude, accept the fact that your joker SRK could not break the record of 3 Idiots for 5 long years and you here talking about your Joker setting new records. Aamir is the one who sets the records and rest try to break! IN YOUR FACE!!!

  5. D3 is a fake story because there is nothing may be better than lajjo, zanjeer, shahid and satya.This year best film YJHD and best actor ranbir kapoor for YJHD.


    • and times of india and taran adarsh says.. CE only collected 216 not 226 cr.. in life. so dhoom 3 will kick down CE’s life long earning in 10 days….

  7. mr.sam pls don’t compare srk with anyone……specially with aamir and salman ….bcouz,……srk is the only khan superstar with no familiar background in bollywood…………
    SRK is the only KING………

  8. oh really @sam,not only I but the also the whole world will laugh at your comment.upto what extent I know rohit shetty has one blockbusters in domestic(India).non of his film even collected more than 20cr in overseas.but what about now look he got an ATBB.he realised and believed it’s SRK’s power.you want to know what SRK did with debut directors just take a look.
    debut directors:
    aditya chopra-DDLJ(ATBB)
    karan johar-KKHH(ATBB)
    simit amin-chak de India(blockbuster)
    farah khan-main hoon na(blockbuster),OSO(biggest blockbuster)
    just ask your superstar sallu to do a normal or romantic story based film,I bet you he’ll kill you or suicide himself.if sallu can give 5back to back bolckbusters then it is the sallu who even gave 7 back to back disasters before his south remake wanted which is just a hit.but you know who is SRK he is never depend upon south remake.besides SRK,all 90’s hero depends upon south remake now a days.don’t forget aamir khan is the founder of south remake through his film ghajini to whom now a days sallu,akki are following.I don’t think sallu’s two upcoming film will even cross YJHD’s record of 190cr.forget about overseas people.by the way you fans always say about big banners.then what about lallu his biggest earned film is ETT from YRF and also tingu’s dhoom3 from YRF.what happens to your stars why they are bagging to YRF?by the way it’s your habit whwn SRK get one success you start YRF,DP blah blah.when CE got success then rohit shetty become biggest director for you.now you’re mocking at farah khan when her next film HNY become ATBB you’ll say farah is the biggest director due to which SRK got success blah blah.
    you may see when crouds roars by seeing SRK,sallu like stars in India.but you never seen whenever SRK goes abroad the same thing happens with him as in India but with other heroes it never happens.
    just remember one thing he is called KING/BADSHAH and nothing is inmpossible for him,he can break every record and can set new records.sab superstar saath milke aao phir bhi har jaoge KING KHAN se.BADSHAH SRK IS ONE MAN ARMY.

  9. @sam,sallu look like a fat,ugly swelled faced beggar in his every movie.also you salman fans for quality based films you depends upon tingu(amir).also tingu(amir) and his fan require salman to promote tingu’s film which in turn amir have to say sallu is the biggest star of India.what a interdependibility.live the life of king size with KING KHAN SRK.it’s very embarassing and funny to see two biggest franchise K3 and D3 are chasing a simple comedy movie CE.that’s the power of KING KHAN/BADSHAH SRK.

  10. Look. Lol are saying lol…. Now bakra fans are trying gain some relief by these kind of comments…. Don’t do it… U guys look too cheap

  11. shut up haters..even you know that D3 is superb movie. Do not compare this movie with crap n shit movies like CE. respect amir khan.. I think he is one of the finest actor of bollywood.

  12. haa this sss is a shit… he doesn’t know that karan johar belongs to dharma production.. and chopra belonges to yrf….. they are making superhit movies since decades… look aamirs rangeela… lagaan…ghulaam…. rang de basanti….3 idiots…. ghajini… ishq…. + +and look at pork faced…bakra actors same bakra acting…. you will find the difference… aaamir is way better and also creates history… he is in record for more than 4 yrs. Srk only enjoy that for a month… bakra actors bakra fans…

  13. ha ha ha ……..look @sam …….he is calling CE as a very bad movie…,. but the bad movie of srk had broke the record of 3 idiots….!
    now a small child can also imagine the great power of THE KING……..
    and look @ aamir(tingu) he taken the support of the most popular franchaise dhoom ! to break the record of CE ……ha ha ha……tingu.
    and we all know that aamir signed dhoom 3 on basis that there will not be dhoom 4 …….bcouz he is understanding the power of srk.,.. .

  14. wat a shit type of movie CE is! it hits only for srk was there.but D3 & 3 idiots is not that type of shit.amir keeps his image not only by his name but also by his movie.story, script, all is just awesum in his movie.but compare srk movies with amir…lol. …. u will be shamed srk fans! is there any story in CE,JTHJ bla bla bla..but look in amirs.3idiots, talaash,and now D3.he not only just speak but also shows his ability.. lol to srk fans!

  15. I agree with you @ sss, don’t give attention to these type of cheap comments, they all are feeling jealous about King khan b’coz every one in the world know that SRK is no. 1 actor of india, he is the only bollywood personality among all khans who rulled word. not only in india, uk , america but contries like koria,china, japan, france, germany & many more countries SRK is as famous as in india , he is no.1 crowd puller than any other khan in the world, SRK ne jo bhi aaj hasil kiya hai woh apni superb acting varsity aur mehnat ke dum pe kiya hai, yun hi nahi SRK ko Badshah aur King khan kaha jata hai. baki sare khan to muh me sone ka chammach pakad ke paida hue hai, unhe family ka pura support bachpan se milta aaya hai. india ke bhahar kuch desh chodke Aamir aur salman ko to koi janta bhi nahi.


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