After a thunderous performance throughout its 3 week’s run at the Domestic Box Office, Chennai Express has now slowed down its pace! The movie managed to collect approx 80 lacs on 4th Monday. With this, the film now stands at a domestic total of around 222.60 crores at the Box Office.

Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Stills
Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express Movie Stills


The film is dropping heavily because of the limited screen counts due to new releases namely – Satygraha and Madras Cafe and their solid performances at the Box Office.

However, Chennai Express is still running very well in the multiplexes, what with around 20-25% occupancy in the evening shows!

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  1. Madras Cafe’s 2nd Monday : 80 lacs
    Chennai Express’ 2nd Monday : 80 lacs
    This is not what I call to “slow down” dear writer, this is what I call to create history !


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