Two films whose basic premise revolve around the Gujarati’s i.e. Mitron and Loveratri are set for a release within a span of one month. While Mitron starring Jacky Bhagnani in lead is slated to release on 14th September 2018, Loveratri that marks the debut of Ayush Sharma and Warina Hussain is set for a 5th October 2018 release.


The Gujarati culture makes a return to the Hindi films after a long time and just to bank on the same, the makers of both the films recreated popular Gujarati songs, Chogada and Kamariya. And it isn’t surprising that the two songs have worked big time with the target audience. The makers have succeeded in making the two regional songs reach out to a wide section of audience. Only time shall tell us if the success of two songs on such a huge level translates into footfalls in cinema hall, but history is full of examples wherein hit music has often boosted the Box-Office collection of the films.

Box-Office: Will The Gujarati Audience Shower Their Love On Mitron And Loveratri?
Box Office: Will The Gujarati Audience Shower Their Love On Mitron & Loveratri?


Coming to the point, the main target audience for both the films would be Gujaratis who have their presence across the country. Unlike other Hindi films whose collections come from two major territories – Mumbai and Delhi, the collections for Mitron and Loveratri would be concentrated majorly from the Mumbai Belt with Gujarat being in the forefront. On an average, the Gujarat belt contributes approximately 8% towards the total Box-Office collections of a film, however in this case, the contribution from Gujarat can be as high as 12% to 15%. To put things to perspective, if a film earns Rs 100 crore at the Box-Office in India, the contribution from the Gujarat belt is around Rs 8.00 crore however for films targeting the Gujarat belt in particular, the contribution would be anywhere between Rs 12 crore and 15 crore. The market often over-performs for two people i.e. Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty, but the usual contribution for other Hindi films fall in the above-mentioned range.

Recently, a Gujarati film, Su Thayu raked in around Rs 3.50 crore in its opening weekend in Gujarat, which was more or less optimum utilization of the screens in the city. There are approximately 500 screens in Gujarat, out of which 350 screens are palatable for Hindi films and the two films will be targeting to make the most out of the screens available for showcasing. It would be too early to make an opening day prediction, but a fair start is least that we can expect from Mitron and Loveratri given the fact that the trailer gives a fun vibe and is backed by a hit music album – two factors which are essential to get the audience excited in our country. A detailed pre-release analyses for the two films will follow in their release week, but the only question we would raise today is Will The Gujaratis In India Shower Their Love To Two Films That Celebrates Their Culture? Let us know your views below.




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