Secret Superstar is staying steady at the Box Office, what with 8.65 crore coming on Saturday. With this, the overall numbers now stand at 22.75 crores. If one compares this with the weekend count of other female-centric films like Naam Shabana, Phillauri and Mom, these are better numbers indeed:


Secret Superstar – 22.75 crores

Naam Shabana – 18.76 crore

Phillauri – 15.25 crore

Mom – 14.40 crore

Of course, the fact also remains that the Aamir Khan production has been running on a much higher count of screens and shows. Moreover, Aamir Khan himself has a much bigger role to play as an actor in Secret Superstar, and that needs to be factored in as well.

Secret Superstar Box Office
Box Office – Secret Superstar Is Steady On Saturday, Goes Past Naam Shabana, Phillauri, Mom Weekend

Still if one doesn’t really look at the acquisition price and just focuses on the merits that a genre and treatment as meted in a film like Secret Superstar has to be considered, the footfalls are on the expected lines. You can’t really look at audience demand to catch a film like this in theaters to be directly proportional to its availability in the market.

The film needs to be compared with rest of its ilk on a fairground and in that arena, Secret Superstar will definitely cross 30 crores by Sunday night. That would ensure that it is bigger than:

Week One of Naam Shabana – 27.18 crore

Week One of Mom – 23.80 crore

Lifetime of Phillauri – 27.50 crore

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From there it would be interesting to see where it lands up and if one has to pick another film belonging to similar kind of subject, the milestone that Secret Superstar should be aiming for is the lifetime number of Sachin – A Billion Dreams [50.89 crore]. That would eventually be a fair enough total for the film.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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