Last time when Emraan Hashmi and Kalki Koechlin came together on screen on the same day, it was for Shanghai where they were paired opposite each other. Now this Friday they would be pitted opposite each other in two altogether distinct films – Mr. X and Margarita With A Straw. While former is pitched for the masses, latter is eyeing niche audience.

Mr. X and Margarita With A Straw movie posters
Mr. X and Margarita With A Straw movie posters


Let’s talk about Mr. X first. The film is one of the rare Emraan Hashmi films that is catering to universal audience. In fact it has been pretty much sold as a family affair. All of this means that the film would have to reach out to a newer set of audience, which could well turn out to be a game changer for the actor. Since the actor is in a reinvention phase, this is actually a step in the right direction. All of this means that though there won’t be instant rush for the film on Friday itself, even a reasonable start in the range of 30%-40% would be good enough to lead towards a better weekend, if the reports are indeed good.

On the other hand Margarita With A Straw has been seeing some good critical acclaim basis screenings that have been held for a select set of industry people. By the look of things, Kalki Koechlin has come up with yet another impressive act. However, when it comes to commercial standing, it would have to rely entirely on word of mouth from the audience because this is where everything eventually boils down to. It would need exceptional reviews as well as steady footfalls during the weekdays to enjoy a long run in theaters as from the opening day perspective, one can’t expect a huge crowd gathering near the box office.

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