PadMan had collected 10.26 crore on its opening day and ever since then, the film has fallen less than 50% on the weekdays, which is a fair trending.


On Wednesday too the film collected 7.05 crore and that has allowed the overall numbers to reach 59.09 crores. Of course, the numbers have been helped a bit by the fact that it was Mahashivratri holiday on Tuesday and Valentine’s Day celebrations on Wednesday.

Box Office - PadMan is another success for Akshay Kumar
Box Office – PadMan Is Another Success For Akshay Kumar

The Akshay Kumar starrer should go past the 64 crore mark in its first week and that would be more than Baby (63.82 crores) and Gabbar Is Back (60 crores).


Both these films were relatively more commercial though and also belonged to the action genre. In case of PadMan, the genre warranted a far more restricted audience and from that perspective, the numbers which have been accumulated so far are even better.

The film is headed for a lifetime in the range of 90 crores which would allow profits for all involved. Of course, a 100 crore landmark is pretty much desirable for all involved with the film.

If that happens by some stretch, it would be an added bonus for the film. However, the fact that the film has managed to create further awareness around women sanitary hygiene is something which is the biggest gain for a large population.




  1. Incredible fact about Akki’s movies is that even though they are targeted towards some preferential choice of people because of the content of the stories, they always manage to capture some attention. This is called experimentation and Akki is not afraid to do so. He knows it’s a risky business but still will bet on normal day releases instead of booking slots for Eid, Divali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Abolition of Slavery Day, Navraatri etc Other stars are just so insecure that they cannot afford to divert from their boring avatar and will depend on holidays only to get people to watch their movies. So pathetic :D


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