There have been flops and disasters in the past and there would be flops and disasters in months to come as well. However, the failure of Jab Harry Met Sejal has been more disheartening than anything else in the past. Reason being that one just could not foresee anything starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead to see such a rapid downfall. He is one superstar who has built the kind of credibility over last 25 odd years that invariably there has been universal content on display film after film. It isn’t as if each of his films has been super awesome or wildly entertaining – however, he hasn’t made anything which is wildly disliked.


That streak has been broken though by Jab Harry Met Sejal which has just not found an audience for itself. Period. The film didn’t take a mega opening, couldn’t find any traction over the weekend, fell even on a partial holiday [Rakhi] and then had a super crash during rest of the weekdays. One just hasn’t seen this kind of a response for a superstar flick in a really-really long time and what is all the more disappointing is that this has happened when the industry is going through its worst phase at the Box Office.

Box Office - Jab Harry Met Sejal is the biggest commercial disappointment of 2017
Box Office: Jab Harry Met Sejal is the biggest commercial disappointment of 2017

A Shah Rukh Khan film warrants and deserves a lot better; it definitely cannot live to see a day when the first-week collections are a mere 60 crore*. However, that has unfortunately happened and now the lifetime could well be in the vicinity of 70 crores and that’s about it. One just hopes and believes that this is just an aberration and Shah Rukh Khan returns with a Blockbuster next year when he unveils his film with Aanand L. Rai.

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*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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  1. No matter how much you try to cover….age waits for no one. The earlier you realise that and do roles accordingly the better. Trying new ideas is good but then it does not mean that you stop considering the age factor. Shri Amitabh Bachchan ji still wins award for films like PIKU and PINK by playing his age. So its time SRK starts looking at himself from different angle and choose role accordingly.

    • Look at Sridevi – the one time Bollywood Queen. She made a comeback 15 years after the hit Judaai with an age appropriate role in English Vinglish and now after 5 years in Mom – both content driven successful movies. Her age wise contemporaries in the male brigade especially Shah Rukh and Salman should take a lesson from her.

  2. I have liked some srk movies in the past ie devdas! But he should realize his age and make movies with substance. There’s some good young talent out there and romance should be left for them. Srk and salman dancing these days looks cheesy. The public has to be wise about where to spend money these days and won’t spend it on a crap movie!

  3. I was a fan of Shahrukh Khan from Chamatkar, Kabhi haa Kabhi naa days to DDLJ days and finally Chak de, Swades days. I never missed any shahrukh movie, and would eagerly wait for his movies. What killed my liking for Shahrukh has been his interviews. He would always say things like “I am badshah”, “I am the king”, “I love being famous” and stuff. While initially it was funny to hear such things, slowly when he kept repeating these words, I became more and more irritated by his personality. It is good to be confident, but to brag about being King Khan or Badshah makes it over confidence.

    And then came his movies….Happy New Year, Dilwale, etc. Highly indulgent movies. It was getting repetitive. The same old formula which made Shahrukh a big success for the last 15-20 years started becoming tiresome and worthless. And Shahrukh has one bad quality, he doesnt seem to understand that he is growing old. He is either trying hard to avoid that fact or unable to face it. Movies where he is romancing a young girl are cringe-worthy, because we have seen it all before, but this time the only new thing is a younger girl.

    It has happened in past, and it will repeat in future. The romantic stars usually fall in their old age and fade away. Shahrukh can either get humble and try to change his course, or he can fall, and this time his fall will be very deep.

    • Ohh Really cannot deliver a 150 crore if compared to khans Worldwide Business All his Films Are Flops, Better than Salman And Shahrukh Or Aamir, Did He gave Any Performance close To Tere Naam, Bajrangi Bhaijaan Or Dabaang, My name is khan, Swades, Chak De, DDLJ, Lagaan, 3 idiots or Dangal. He only know to say Dialogues With same Expressions, Worst Crying Actor in Bollywood And Worst Smiling Actor in Bollywood With Big Jaws And Teeth


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