The unexpected took place on Saturday as Deadpool 2 dropped a bit when compared to Friday numbers of 11.25 crore. It has been a really long time since one can remember a film see a decline in numbers on Saturday, be it a big or small, hit or flop, star studded or newcomer affair. Still, this has happened for Deadpool 2 for which Saturday numbers read as 10.65 crore. This is really surprising and one can’t quite fathom the cause for that since the entertainer has received good reviews and the word of mouth was positive too.

Box Office - Deadpool 2 goes down a little on Saturday, all eyes on Sunday
Box Office Collections: Deadpool 2 Goes Down A Little on Saturday, All Eyes On Sunday

Thankfully for the film though the decline isn’t big and the collections are still good by being in double digits. Moreover the makers can take solace from the fact that though the slight drop is from the relative score perspective, it is because Friday itself the film had done quite well. Had the film been 9-10 crore on Friday (which would again have been good), Saturday would have looked better.

Nonetheless, this consolation would only hold good if the film rises again in Sunday. If the film doesn’t go past at least the 12 crore mark on Sunday then it would be quite apparent that the film hasn’t really gone through the roof and the overall lifetime would be just about fine instead of promising a Superhit that one expected out of the superhero flick.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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