All predictions have gone out of the window as Veerey Di Wedding has taken double the start of what was expected out of it in the best case scenario. The film was looking at an opening in the range of 5-6 crore at best and even that would have been a good total. However, audiences had made up their mind to watch the film in theaters from the very first show and that reflected in the awesome advance booking that it enjoyed.


The signs were all there but what happened by Friday night was truly unbelievable as footfalls only kept on increasing. As a result, the film’s opening day number reads a smashing 10.70 crore. This is simply the best day ever for a film with an all female cast as the central protagonists and the ceiling has fairly and squarely been broken.

Box Office - Veere Di Wedding defies all predictions, has a HUGE Friday
Box Office Collection: Veere Di Wedding Defies All Predictions, Has A HUGE Friday


Conviction of Ekta Kapoor in the film has paid off in a big way. She was clearly taking a risk by setting up a film of this genre, mood and ambience. Moreover, the principle cast too had faith in the film as well as the director (Shashanka Ghosh). The results are there to be seen as even the reviews are by and large good and so is the word of mouth.

The film should grow further this weekend, especially with youth and that means a weekend of at least 35 crore is pretty much on the cards. This is all the more exciting for all involved since Veere Di Wedding is an ‘A’ certificate film and to still get numbers like these is truly remarkable.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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