As per sources, Ghanchakkar is a well budgeted film at 20 cr with 10 cr more spent on worldwide P+A. The satellite rights have been pre sold for 15 cr, Music has fetched 3 cr and Overseas + Other Rights are expected to fetch another 4 cr. This means that to break even the film needed to make only 8 cr from India theatrical rights. With a first weekend of over 22 cr net box office and Monday collections coming to 2.80 crores, Ghanchakkar as already broken even and is already in a profitable zone. The film’s total domestic total now stands over 25 Crores at the Box Office.

Emraan Hashmi in Ghanchakkar Movie Stills
Emraan Hashmi in Ghanchakkar Movie Stills

This is a sensible way to produce a movie of a completely new genre that you know is bound to polarize audiences. The same has happened with Ghanchakkar with the film evoking extreme reactions from audiences, with some loving it and some not quite getting it. UTV as a studio has been known to consistently take risks and experiment with their content, hence breaking the mould and still emerging financially successful.

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