Avengers: Infinity War is continuing its dream run at the Box Office. With Tuesday being a partial holiday in some parts of the country, the collections remained quite stable as 20.34 crore more came in. The fall from Friday is still less than 50% and going by the trends so far it should remain the same that way right through the rest of the weekdays. At least 15 crore each is expected today as well as tomorrow and that should ensure a very healthy total for the film.


Currently, the superhero flick stands at 135.16 crore and that is a massive total in just five days of release. The movie has been clearly accepted by the audiences and that reflects in the advance booking that has spilled over into the weekdays as well. Avengers: Infinity War is running a one horse race so far and the situation is going to be the same for next couple of weeks as well.

Box Office - Avengers - Infinity War is a one horse race
Box Office: Avengers: Infinity War Is A One Horse Race


A Blockbuster in quickest possible time, the film makes one wonder how big would the next instalment open when it releases in 2019. In a way this is reminding of the kind of super success that Baahubali had turned out to be. While the first part was a Superhit, the second part had crossed all frontiers to emerge an All Time Blockbuster. It is now pretty much on the cards that there would be much bigger milestones expected to be accomplished when the grand finale arrives in 2019.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources





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