David Sandberg’s Annabelle: Creation is this week’s surprise release. Yes, hopes were high as it’s the fodder that Indian audience craves for and there has been a lot of time since last good horror film released. The film released on Independence Day grabbing the advantage of the public holiday.


The horror film has an edge over other genres as it’s something that targets a large amount of audience. Who doesn’t wants to experience good thrill? But it also has some loopholes in maintaining the line between being scary and being senseless. Not every horror movie scores well because not everyone has the ability to thrill you.

Annabelle Creation's Monday Box Office Update! It's Beating Everyone
Annabelle Creation’s Monday Box Office Update! It’s Beating Everyone

The film collected 2.5 crores at the box office in its paid previews (3 days) till Thursday. This was good considering it was not released in many screens throughout the country. It started its surprise run from Friday as it collected a mighty 5 crores on its 1st day. The film showed a huge jump and collected 7.10 crores on its 2nd day.

Annabelle: Creation not showing any signs of drop, was steady on its 3rd day as it has collected 7.60 crores on Sunday. Enjoying a very good weekend of 22.20 crores, the film has passed the Monday test too. It has collected 3.85 crores on its 4th day which is better than the other releases of this week and last week’s winner Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. The film now stands with the total of 26.05 crores.

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David Sandberg who has previously given us another snoozy-horror in Lights Out tries to bind this thin plot with few spooky scenes. The film is not unbearable, it’s just not something we haven’t seen already. Though the collections say a different story, as it has managed to lure people in its scary house.




  1. Bollywood need to stop making the same type of love story, in every movie in which everyone cries from beginning to end. As a audience I prefer movies that have some new content otherwise I am not gonna pay for the ticket. That’s why Hollywood movies are doing better in India because of their content. In India only few directors are making sensible movies, and other are making masala movies which has zero content. People can judge a movie by seeing reviews and can decide if they wanna spend their money on that movie. I am not saying masala movies are bad but public is getting bored by watching same shit. Whereas movies like Hindi Medium, Toilet ek Prem Katha which are low budget movies are doing great on box office because they do justice with the people’s money.


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