The teaser of 2.0 was launched digitally recently and like all big films, even this one has met with a mixed response from the trade as well as audience. The expectations were humongous and hence mixed reaction was more or less expected. While the teaser has gone on to create records on YouTube, a lot of people are of the opinion that the visuals really justify the humongous budget of Rs 500 crore plus. There is another section of audience who were disappointed because Akshay Kumar didn’t get much presence in the teaser. Leaving the negative comments aside, the teaser has also found acceptance from a lot people, especially from the South who felt that director Shankar has indeed taken it to the next level.

2.0 Teaser Trade And Audience Review: Mixed Response To This Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar Film But…
2.0 Teaser Trade & Audience Review: Mixed Response To This Rajinikanth – Akshay Kumar Film But…

We spoke to 13 people from the trade to know their reaction for the teaser. 7 people liked the teaser but were of the opinion that makers need to show more of Akshay Kumar at-least to the Hindi speaking audience as he is going to be the crowd puller for this film. 3 people from the trade were left disappointed with the teaser and felt that the Indian audience are exposed to Hollywood superhero film like Avengers and substandard quality of visual effects would turn them off. 3 other people from the trade felt that the teaser was average, however they would hold their opinion until the makers unveil the theatrical trailer. Overall the response in the trade is titled towards the positive side, however the Box-Office outcome of the film in Hindi belt would depend on how well is Akshay Kumar used in the publicity material from hereon. 2.0 is the costliest Indian film till date and if it manages to live onto they hype created by the makers, sky would be the limit as far as the lifetime collections are concerned. The audience in India is hungry for never seen before larger than life experience, and 2.0 falls right into that zone if done well.

On a personal note, I have often noticed that the South Indian film industry hasn’t really mastered at the art of coming up with good trailer/ teaser. While the 90 second teaser is surely ambitious and promises to speak about a very relevant issue that would make the audience think, the visual effects were not as path breaking as one expected them to be. Given Shankar’s track record, I am quite confident that the film would have a lot of substance to offer and even the visuals would get better as the film nears its release because a lot of post-production is still pending. Robot has gained a cult status among the audience because of repeat telecast on the small screen, however one needs to realize that this film is no Baahubali to get the Hindi audience on board in huge numbers on the opening day. Taking into consideration all factors, 2.0 would have taken a start in the range of Rs 8 to 10 crore without Akshay Kumar, however if Khiladi’s presence is used in the right way from hereon, an opening in excess of Rs 22 crore is expected. A detailed analysis about the opening of the film shall follow closer to its release wherein we shall dissect the promotional material released by the team, and if the same has worked in favour or gone against, but in an ideal scenario, Rs 22 crore start is the least we expect from 2.0 on a Working Friday.

What are your thoughts on 2.0? Let us know!

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  1. I am not satisfied with the author. This movie has huge hype and about 70 percent of the people liked the teaser. The teaser cannot predict the collection of the movie. It’s showed to tease the audience. It’s seems that the teaser is successful to create hype among the Hindi audience. Huge expectations are only among those people who keep updating regarding this movie. We should wait for the trailer because if the cost of producing the film is actually 500cr then there will surely something awesome in the movie. Never forget that shooting the movie in native 3d form is a huge challenge and even only few Hollywood studios are able to produce the film in native 3d format. Let’s wait for the trailer and promotions. If better promotions and marketing taking into consideration, the opening will be between 35-55 crores.

  2. No matter how good the trailer will eventually be,commercial success in the hindi belt will ultimately depend on Akshay kumar’s screen presence in the trailer,his longevity and impact created by his role in the movie itself.Since the movie has a budget of over 500cr+ due to VFX and 3D format,atleast a 300cr+ collection would be required from north india to ensure a blockbuster as the south collections would be solely due to Rajni sir and he will surely do a hammering at the southern box office.

  3. The author of this article is a big chutiya n I think he is spreading intentionally negative things……… The teaser of this movie is excellent, awesome…… Wow……. Most of the Indian actors r commenting that they had never seen such great level teaser. Ask to those people who have seen this teaser in 3-D……………its ultimate experience of watching such a great teaser. And you writing such bull shit things about this movie….. Shame on you.The first day collection of hindi version would be in the range 35 to 40 crores. Agar collection figure ye aa gya toh tu thodi sharm karna n jaakar chullu bhar pani me dub marna…….. Matlab kuch bhi….. Bhagvaan ne muh de diya h…… Toh bina soche samjhe kuch bhi likh do, kuch bhi bol do kya fark padta h…… Shame on you, shame on you…….n one more thing ye movie hindi version me jitna collection karegi usase bhi kahi jyada collection iska overseas countries mein hoga…… Because ye uss top level ki movie h n overseas waalo ko achhi movies ki kadra karne aati h….. Abhi trailer aaya nhi, movie release nhi hui, ki muh se hagna chaalu kar diye ki 8-10 crore ka ya 22 crore ka collection hoga saale chutiye, agar thodi si bhi sharm hai na toh aaj k baad se likhna chhod dena. …. N from now onwards I will never open this site because of such stupid articles writing.

  4. Are Koimoi Mad Or What. Teaser Doesn’t Matter Collections Of The Movie.
    And Without Akshay 2.0 Can Make 25-35cr in Hindi Dub.
    Total Will Be 50cr+


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