You may not have seen the movie yet but would’ve heard and read at a thousand of places that Zero is just another flop by Shah Rukh Khan. Before making any further assumptions, we’ll help you make your judgement by quoting what was good and bad with this movie which also stars Katrina Kaif & Anushka Sharma in lead roles.

Zero Analysis: Is This Shah Rukh Khan Starrer That Unworthy Of A Watch? Let’s Find Out
Zero Analysis: Is This Shah Rukh Khan Starrer That Unworthy Of A Watch? Let’s Find Out

What went wrong for Zero:


1. The Story-line:

After adding some of the most curiosity generating mysterious elements, like a Chimpazee or a spacecraft, the internet went viral with theories even to a point where predictions came in with one of the leads being an alien. For example, The first half which showcased Bauua Singh with some kind of super natural power to move stars in the sky, but it remained without any base or exploration till the end of the movie. The scope was huge but Himanshu Sharma chose to go ahead with the most predictable – disappoint plot.

2. The Second Half:

A major complaint that persists amongst the viewers is extending the second half of the movie to a point where it almost landed up losing interest of the viewers. The first half did rise the expectations to another peak, but second half killed it more than expected.

3. The Cameos:


While the entire world was excited and curious to see Sridevi’s cameo in the movie as Zero was her last movie, it was a waste effort. Same happened with the case of R Madhavan & Abhay Deol where we expected more to come and Juhi Chawla, Deepika Padukone, Karisma Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt, being depicted as celebrities waiting for Bauua Singh to show his magic at a celebration party. Moreover, viewers found the back story to Issaqbaazi song as quite bizarre.

What was in place for Zero:

1. The performances:

Starting with Shah Rukh Khan portraying the role of a dwarf, it probably was the most challenging role for the actor and he was bang on! Similarly, Anushka Sharma as a physically challenged scientist and Katrina Kaif as a heart- broken actress, a lot of people felt that the actors outdid themselves and also went on to term it their career best performances. Moreover, Zeeshan Ayubb who played Shah Rukh’s friend in the movie was no less than a treat to watch.

2. Dialogues:

Power-packed dialogues with some amazing punch lines did make us laugh our heart out, specially in the first half. The sequences where Bauua Singh blamed his father for his dwarfness, and Katrina Kaif’s introductory scene while making bets was nothing but a hilarious treat!

3. VFX:

As revealed by Aanand L Rai, it was the first time he used VFX in his movie, but if that’s how he does it, we’re definitely in for much more. Beautiful locations, specially the scenes and locations at NSAR were something we were definitely rooting for. Special mention to the VFX used during the song Mere Naam Tu for which beautiful is the term!

We gave you the real insight, now its for you to decide whether it’s a worth a watch for you. So go ahead, share your decision with us in the comment section below!

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  1. theres no logic at all in this movie i mean how could anand rai could even imagine to direct crap like this after a superhit lineup of movies so sad for srk hes a brilliant actor but he missed out so badly this time

  2. A worthy watch.. Specially surprising climax.. I didn’t understand how some people gave it only 1.5 stars to Zero. Taran Adarsh. Unexpected. Must watch. Beautiful movie

  3. I really don’t understand how a some Critics gave it to 1.5 stars to this movie. Its a worthy watch.. Beautiful movie, specially surprising climax. ??


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