Zarine Khan
Zarine Khan

The moment she stormed TV screens, she was stereotyped and given names, courtesy some familiar features with an already established B-town actress. But a debut with our Dabangg hero made her way into the list of the most sought after debutantes of the year. The film (Veer) might have flopped, but this actress struggled and battled her way to get what she received with her second film.

With criticism as harsh as she received, the jolts were severe too, she exclaims. “Criticism are obviously a part of life. But this criticism was actually very severe. Being a fat kid, people don’t spare you and I used to face a lot of criticisms back then. But then this was a different show altogether and something that I was really new to, something that I had no knowledge about. Then everybody started attacking me from everywhere and it felt really weird and strange and I did not realize what was happening. But I did not let that bother me to an extent and I thought I would keep doing my work and let people say what they want to say. Eventually they all will be okay with me. And I think that’s what happened.” Voila girl! The so called ‘Fat-Kat’ rose back to glory bagging the hottest Housefull 2 heroine title last year, shunning her critics to silence.

Acting which according to our curvy beauty happened to be a chance encounter, Zarine adds up spice to a revelation. “I never wanted to be an actress. From a very tender age, I always aspired to be a doctor, a cardiac surgeon and I was very good in studies. I was a total nerd and I don’t know I used to study for how many hours a day. I used to take part in my extra curricular activities in school and all, the dancing and the drama but I never wanted to become an actress. I never could see or even imagine myself as an actress mainly because I was a very fat kid (laughs). So I never pictured myself romancing anyone on screen,” she reveals with her trademark disarming smile.

While all her contemporaries were into painting, singing, acting and dancing from their formative ages, taking their hobbies true to their profession, Zarine’s hobbies come as a welcome change. A self proclaimed tomboy as she proclaims, Zarine continues, “I was a complete boy. In fact even now, you know people who are really close to me, they know that I am like this totally brash tomboy. So dancing was of course my hobby, but more than that even, I loved riding bikes which I still love to do. But I don’t really get an opportunity now. And I also love traveling.”

Ask her about how she plans to celebrate her birthday this year and she is all smiles in a fraction of a moment. “I am planning to auction a few of my stuffs, whatever maximum I can do to raise funds for these underprivileged girls. I actually wanted to something for the girl child, always! I think there can be no better ways than celebrating my birthday this year”.

Zarine, who turns 26 this year, is tentatively starting shooting for her next film next month, announcements of which will be made soon. As of now, Koimoi wishes our hot and curvaceous Bolly beauty a very, very Happywala Birthday!

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