Why do producers nowadays opt for English titles for their Hindi films?

– Many producers feel, Hindi titles aren’t happening enough. Some are of the opinion that the Overseas audience prefers English titles. And then, there is the perpetual problem of unavailability of many Hindi titles because they are blocked by producers who may have made the films or may be planning the films with the desired titles or may simply be sitting on some good titles.

I am interested in making a Rajasthani or Gujarati film. What are the tips you can offer me?

– The tips would depend upon the script you select. But even before that, let me tell you that whatever the script, make sure that the film has the flavour of Rajasthan or Gujarat, depending upon whether you are making a Rajasthani or Gujarati film. Regional films must have the region’s flavour even if they are about modern-day stories.

What is the future of Imran Khan after ‘I Hate Luv Storys’? And of Sonam Kapoor?

– Both of them have secure futures for sure.

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