While the men – Salman Khan, Ajay DevganShah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan  – fight it out in the Rs. 100 crore club, there’s one lady who’s still undefeated in her fief.

Kareena Kapoor In Bodyguard, 3 Idiots, Ra. One and Golmaal 3
Kareena Kapoor in Bodyguard, 3 Idiots, Ra. One and Golmaal 3

Kareena Kapoor is unarguably one of the top actresses in Bollywood today. Among the eight movies that have made Rs. 100 crore at the box-office, Bebo has starred in four – Bodyguard, 3 Idiots, Ra.One and Golmaal 3. Kareena’s knack of choosing good projects has definitely added to her extremely good record at the box-office. While other actresses strive to work with the three Khans, Kareena saunters away with the best projects and gives fabulous results too.

If that’s not enough, Kareena is nowhere running out of steam. She’s got Talaash opposite Aamir Khan next year and being Rohit Shetty’s favourite, might even star opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express.

Katrina Kaif , Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan
Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan

But does Kareena have serious competition from Katrina? Looking at Katrina Kaif’s upcoming movies, we think that the British import has a few cards up her sleeve as well. Kat has Ek Tha Tiger opposite old flame Salman Khan, Dhoom: 3 with Aamir Khan and an untitled Yash Raj film with Shah Rukh Khan.

Will Katrina finally dethrone Kareena as the Rs. 100 Crore Queen? Tell us in the comments section below:

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  1. Ek tha tiger,talaash,yash raj’s untitled project slated for diwali & Dhoom 3 are going to cross the 100 cr mark no matter what but kareena has scored 4 and katrina is yet to open her a/c and with talaash it iz going to be 5 for kareena and in future if kareena bags chennai express then it will be 6 and katrina will have 3(ek tha tiger,yash raj’s untitled and dhoom 3) but the laurels for the diwali 2012 release will be shared by Anushka also as she iz also starring in it so as of today it looks like kareena iz leading and will lead for the next 700 days & if all goes well till the end also.

  2. Ofcourse the next year will be for Katreena, films lyk Dhoom 3 & SHAHRUKH KHANS next with will atleast gross more than 120cr. But there is a risk in Ek Tha Tiger as Salman has a negative career in past for e.g. Veer,London Dreams, God Tussi Great Ho, Main aur Mrs Khanna etc.

  3. We all know the reason behind the above mentioned films’s crossing 100 cr. And the reason is definitely not Kareena Kapoor! She hardly has had any screen presence in her films. As for Katrina, I think she has already taken over Kareena. Because Kareena’s films don’t work for her, but the Khans while Katrina has given very nice performances in her recent ventures: ZNMD, MBKD and Raajneeti.

  4. katrina will b the best. she is amazing. not like kareena she made her film blockbuster through her bikini and all…kareena reached with the help of khans but katrina is a self made women…all the actors wnt katrina so that their film goes well…like salman khan in bodyguard

  5. I think both r fentstic but, n wid Srk both,ll go through 100 mark.
    But in Ek tha tigar katrina,ll hv 2 pay da price. . . Az it,ll b biggest flop by Mr, copy(sallu chawal)

  6. don’t compare the talented kareena with katrina her only talent is being seductive no acting skills she made it to the top because of sallu kareena made it to the top on her own. its a shame when she works with sallu because i love his movies kat de-values every thing. now with aamir de-valuing his movie aswell. stick to aukshay kat

  7. I agree wit u all!!!!!! KaTrIna KaIf rocks.Shez d best n kareena’s movies r hit bcoz of d story!!! i luv kat.All d best kat babez :* and @fajal mira.. salman gave BIG hits in 2009,2010 and 2011 :O Wanted, dabaang, ready and bodygaurd are huge hits.. in front of those hits.. the flopz are nothing :) I dnt lyk salman but i hate to say dat aftr doz films i lyk him :)

  8. KATINA IS SUPERB..She has great talent…she emerged from nowhere and now she has great success..People who say she doest have talent sure knows they are lying to themself..Good luck Katrina..

  9. undoubtedly kareena is the best actress in bollywood today…..she has done extremely good projects n success rate of the actress is well known …
    And katrina is also trying to do well …her latest project MBKD was nice and she really improved as an actor…but kareena has good acting skills on which point katrina has to work alot…..
    So kareena cant be dethroned but yes she can be given good fight for sure….

  10. Kat is the best actress in bollywood, no one can defeat her, Kareena’s latest project Ra.One was just good, n its was SRK’s movie so she got hit, Chamaak Challo is not good n cant get blockbuster hit song like Sheila ki Jawani, so Kat deserves 100 crore

  11. I don’t know why people are jealous of Kareena’s huge Success. It is true that there was a time when she used to overact, like in Khushi and Mujh Se Dosti Karo ge kind of films but know she has proved that acting is in her blood. She has 6 filmfare awards and several others along with a number of nominations. And when it comes to her films she gives best in every film of hers, remember it was she who got awards for 3idiots not even Aamir got any award.
    On the other hand Katrina is still fail to prove her acting skills having no award in her hand. She is the one who depends on the actors for the box office collection. In fact in her films there are more than one lead actors(multi-starrers) e.g Welcome, Sing is King, Rajneeti and recently ZNMD. While Kareena has films like Jab We Met, Golmaal3 and even in Bodyguard her role was very powerful, if you get her out of the equation there is no film. Please just be honest.

  12. Is there any reason not to believe , that Katrina Kaif is a self made women, though she was introduced by Salman, But thereafter she made it on her own. And as one of my friend above mentioned Katrina’s film works only because of her, and not because of the heroes in it.Unlike Kareena, who depends on the budget and the hero to make her movie a hit,, Imagine if Katrina was not there in MBKD, and if Kareena was in her place, the movie would have been a super flop, unlike it is a big hit today, only bcoz of Katty,she has a capacity of carry a film on her shoulders, MBKD, ZNMD , New York, APKGK , Namastey London, need any more examples. How many hits does Kareena have in a row, without top heroes?????

  13. salman is tightttti dnt kno whheter katrina is tryna make him jealous by saying akshay kumar’s name twice..or she’s genuinely believes akshay is a better co star and actor, if so i agree .


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