2012 continues to be a mighty eventful year for Asin. With ‘Housefull 2‘ as well as ‘Bol Bachchan‘ crossing the 100 crore mark, one would have expected that the young woman would take a break of sorts. However that’s not the case to be as she is currently shooting for ‘Khiladi 786‘ with Akshay Kumar. While one waits to see if she would manage to score a hat trick of centuries this year, it is also apparent that she is picking and choosing films that aim at mass mainstream audience.

Asin and Akshay Kumar in Khiladi 786 Movie Poster
Asin and Akshay Kumar in Khiladi 786 Movie Poster

“I have chosen those films which promise fun for the audience. I am very satisfied with my journey so far and in the last three and a half hours that I my films have been releasing, I have been fortunate and lucky to see such good successes”, she smiles.

While things are falling in place for her, Asin says that centuries coming her way are merely a by-product of her choices than any inherent desire to enter the ‘100 crore club’. That coming from an actress who was the founding member of the club (with Aamir Khan leading the show of course) in ‘Ghajini‘ is nothing short of surprising.

“Frankly, when I entered Bollywood, I hadn’t thought of creating or breaking records. I didn’t have any desires to break into a particular club either. The thought process hasn’t changed till date”, she says.

However one does wonder if her heart is indeed pining for an author backed role, just like was the case in ‘Ghajini’. After all, her other films have been huge success but one does expect a much more performance oriented film from her.

“I too do hope that something like that comes my way”, she says, “As an artist even you need some creative satisfaction. You too crave for a platform where you can get a chance to perform by digging your teeth into a fleshy character. I too am looking forward to a film which is in a commercial format and allows me to perform to an even better characterisation than ‘Ghajini‘. Now that would be terrific indeed.”

That’s right Asin, we too are waiting for that.

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  1. Asin only had a good role in Ghajini and she was only singing and dancing in rest of the 100 crore blockbusters.Actresses are not responsible for 100 crore club.

  2. Asin has no contribution to any movie making 100 crs.She had decent role in Ghajini.Ifyou see any heroince doesnt have strong role in below lists except KATRINA KAIF in ETT.
    But yes one can consider her lucky a MASCOT for 100 crores.
    Ghajini + Ready + Houseful2+ Bol Bachchan.
    Asin – 4 billion mark movies.
    Kareena – 3 ( Golmal 3+ bodyguard+ RaOne)
    Sonakshi-2 ( Dabangg + Rowdy Rathore)
    Piyanka – 2 ( Don2 and Agneepath)
    Katrins- 1 (ETT) + 2 more ( SRK-YRF + Dhoom3)sure shot.

  3. asin ko to akki ke sath film karna nahi chahiye , kuin ki akki ki khiladi 786 jarur flop hogi. par hit hui bhi to 80cr ke par nahi ja payegi..100%

  4. Asin has given his 200% contribution for those movies who hits 100crore mark she is the main for those movies who hits 100crore mark ghajni,london dreams,ready,housefull,bol bachhan she is my favourite actress i respect him she is best in the world she is my best actress she is the one of the most brilliant actress in bollywood rather than katrina,kareena n priyanka they all r a beach n escort who sleeps with the broducers to get the good roles but my Asin is my soul she is pure without a sin n his upcomming movie khiladi 789 will cross 200crore mark khiladi kumar is 500% better then those son of a beach khans so listen all of u son of a beach Asin n Akshay kumar r me n my family favourites stars so stop given negative word of mouth u all r son of a beach but my Asin n Akshay are the best in the universe.goodbye son of a beach.

  5. kareena kapoor and fat???Kareena has never been fat, yes she lokoed healthy before and then when Thashan come she did loose a lot of weight but no she didnt look like a skeleton, But yes kareena does look better healthy,People just dont know how to right, Healthys the word not fat, And the other word is thin not bloody skeleton. Have some manners.


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