It would be incorrect to say that Salman Khan’s Jai Ho is faring well at the box office. That is a misinformed, erroneous statement at its best. The film is not even close to the height that the actor had created with Ek Tha Tiger 2 years back. Well, one of the primary reasons that the film had worked was because Salman was returning on screen with former lady love Katrina Kaif after their much appalling break up, but the film in its own right was one of the better movies of the star. In less than a week it made 100 crores and neared 200 crores in the course of its lifetime run.


Then why is Jai Ho‘s performance so dull? Frankly speaking Jai Ho‘s pace is normal. No holiday, a normal Friday release, with ticket prices like any other ordinary film , 200 crores’ possibility was crushed in its bud for the film. For films like Chennai Express and Dhoom 3, the prices generally were kept high. It was a superstar film, a franchise film and both holiday films. For the advantage of distributors, the film’s tickets in the first few weeks was constantly kept higher. Consider this if like other stars Salman had decreed on doubling the prices of tickets, the collections of the film would have automatically doubled to. So if the film is right now in the range of 90 crores, it would have been in the range of 180 crores had the film’s producers agreed on raising the prices for the film.

Salman Khan Starrer 'Jai Ho' Movie Poster
Salman Khan Starrer ‘Jai Ho’ Movie Poster

The film has very mild possibility to even cross over in the range of 150 crores simply because the weekday collections of the film in its second Friday was as abysmally low as 3.50 crores. And though trade gurus have been hopeful that the film will see a rise in its weekend numbers. The possibilities of 150 crores are extremely diluted and much rightly so if we look at the films lined up in February. All more vibrant and vivacious, cashing in on the theme of the month of love!

Content wise there is much dispute over the film as well. While this one definitely remains one of the better works of the actor compared to Ready and Bodyguard type of films, Salman fans found it hard to digest that their favorite actor is undergoing a diametric change. A friend infact told me : Such messiah roles doesn’t suit him you know. Salman is best when he is Dabangg and with shades of grey. Keeping in mind her opinion, perhaps many Salman fans couldn’t digest his overdose of goodness and preachy-ness that formed Jai Ho‘s crux.

Some people are known to deliver mindless and tangy films. Salman is just one of those candyfloss actors who are absolutely unacceptable to the audiences when they try their hand at anything remotely substantial or rise above the superficial diameters of commercial cinema. The too much of heart affected the audiences because they used their brains in judging the film unlike the usual norm. Salman’s films have never been about brains, it is one hell of a fun. And this time for many it was a a little-too-nice, not-wicked and hence bore show!

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  1. @mohar basu
    You are big joke, u seems to be a big fan of salman khan….released around 4500 screen in domestic market and collected only 17 crore on first day…please don’t defend jai ho by giving such lame excuses….we all know the, aam junta has rejected the movie and it is big disaster…….

    • ye sach keh raha hai,dev ji.jai ho ka ticket 250-aur 350 ta,aur d3.ce 500 aur 700..ab aghar ap tora bhi apke demagh hai tu hesab lagao,500 say jai ho kitna ata hai,,aghar jai ka ticket price 500 hota,tu pehle din,,36 core second day 33 core,aur sunday 42 core kama leta hai,,

      • Low ticket prices are only an excuse, see the amount of screens Jai hoho got released, 700 more screens than CE, 500 more screens than
        Krrish 3 and 300 more screens than doom3, so if you compare with the ticket prices, the economics of the business of all these movies are on same equal level..

        • Exactly this is what i want to tell Mohar basu and komoi team ….. they keep on writing about the prices and they never said about the screen total….

  2. Sir, aap kitna jhut kahenge….chennai express aur jai ho ke movie tickets ke cost same hai….There is a difference of not even a rupee

  3. Thanks for the article.
    Great article by Koimoi.
    Dhoom3,Krish3 and Chennai Express tickets rates were double of Jai Ho. In our location the Jai Ho tickets maximum price is Rs200 whereas for Chennai Express and Dhoom3 tickets were Rs. 500. I was very confused.


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