For some stranger reasons, over half a dozen filmmakers have chosen coming Friday as the D-day for the arrival of their films. This means Bollywood would be setting a record of sorts, what with several medium budget films clashing with each other, hence resulting in an all around mayhem.

Aiyya, Bhoot Returns and Chittagong Movie Posters
Aiyya, Bhoot Returns and Chittagong Movie Posters

“Rani Mukerjis’s Aiyyaa is the biggest of them all, followed by Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot Returns. Other than these two films, Manoj Bajpai’s Chittagong, which is finding some tremendous critical acclaim coming its way, is also arriving. Meanwhile Makkhi, which is the dubbed version of Telugu blockbuster Eega has been planned for the same day as well. In addition, there are small films like Chandrachur Singh starrer Prem Mayee and a social film In The Name Of Tai arriving as well. This is plain suicidal”, says a veteran filmmaker.

This would not just result in minimal screen space for most of these films, even audience attention would be divided, hence making it near to impossible for most of these to survive.

“Also, let’s not forget that English Vinglish is continuing to do very well and so is OMG Oh My God!“, an insider adds.

However none of the filmmakers is in mood to shift their arrival and they are confident of striking big.

“That is wishful thinking”, the veteran adds, “Moreover with Hollywood releases like Taken 2 and Looper releasing as well this Friday, multiplex audience would be further divided. Expect a pile of disasters to accumulate though a couple should still manage to survive.”

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