KJo and Akki at an event
KJo and Akki at an event

Now here’s the latest gossip from the tinsel town! Remember the news of actor Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar coming together for a film titled Gutka, that was supposed to be directed by Punit Malhotra? Well, reportedly our Khiladi Kumar has said no to doing the film now.


The reason being, Akki was disappointed after listening to the final narration of Gutka’s script.

According to gossip mongers, the film was based on a leading gutka baron and due to this very unique concept Kumar immediately got impressed with it and had asked KJo to develop it. Unfortunately, after listening to the final version which was narrated by Karan to the actor, it didn’t match up to how he had imagine it. Ultimately, Akshay had to give  a ‘No’ to Johar!

But, the story doesn’t end here! Akki, who is keen to work with Karan Johar, humbly asked him drop Gutka’s idea and work on some other project, where he can be a part of it.

Yes! the duo are definitely collaborating in the future and do a film together!

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  1. The thing is – We never know what’s under the wrap. Kjo and Farha Khan always have “supposedly mindblowing” concepts when it comes to SRK and others. But for other artists, they come with crappy ideas (“Joker”, “Tees Maar Khan” for example)
    Why should Akki be criticised? Why no other points a finger at those amateur directors as Farha Khan and Karan Johar?? Who knows maybe the script was indeed flawed?
    Good that Akshay is focussing on Quality now. Kjo can stuff his script where he thinks.

  2. now see the nonsense below comment.good story is for good actors not like akki,who do every role even third class south remake.by the way you not only akki fan but also sallu,tingu,hr everyone’s fans felt a great jealousy of KING KHAN SRK.all these 90’s actors already did south reamke except king who always proves himself he is the ultimate gave genuine movies that never seen before.I think even if the crap script of KJO will help akki at least to get a hit.so akki don’t show your mindless attitude.get a life loser.

    • Thanks for your comment.

      1st – Let me inform you that I’m a big fan of SRK and Akki too.

      2nd – My comment was aimed at those directors who are partial when choosing leads in their movies. Look at Prabhu Deva, he is experimenting with the seniors and newbies. He is giving chance to everyone. Kjo and Farha Khan never did. They would but only if they are linked with big names (for ex. what Kjo did for “Student Of The Year”). It wasn’t against SRK and I’m not biased towards whoever you mentioned.

      3rd – Your IQ is low enough to have not read between the lines about what I wanted to convey and you started crying about me being “jealous” etc. How pathetic dude. That’s why I had to make it pointwise for you to understand.

      4th – I respect your comment though and yes, I do have a life :)

    • Hello FIlms Like paheli ,Hum Tumhare hain Sanam , Swades , Shakti & Some More were South Remakes & English Rip Off too Infact Akki Has Worked with New Comers & infact Only Orignal of Abbas Mustan was Khiladi Almost 95 % of his work was Copied , Never Say Dirty South Remakes No One is Perfect & it is true There has been Disputes With People Like Farah She takes Useless films only But Akki Trusted Her For TMK & Joker & Expected Results werent obtained & Akki was Blamed For the Loss & The Makers COuld easily Sense She was Willing to make a trash to Put Akkis name Down But Poor thing He produced Dats why he never wants to get into trouble Anymore


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