Sanjay Khan Once Publicly Beat Zeenat Aman In A Five-Star Hotel
When Zeenat Aman Turned Blue After Sanjay Khan Beat Her Publicly In A Five-Star Hotel(Photo Credit – Zeenat Aman/wikipedia/Sanjay Khan/Twitter)

Zeenat Aman was the charming beauty of Bollywood in her days. There was a time when she was the dream of every man. Well, the lucky man of her life became Sanjay Khan, who was married with three children when he fell in love with the actress. But, did you know there was a time when this actor turned director beat the actress black and blue at a five-star hotel?

Zeenat and Sanjay fell in love on the sets of Abdullah. Well, the actress sure did break a million hearts when her love tale came out in the open. But was this really a happy fairytale? Keep scrolling further to know more.

According to a story in Cine Blitz, Sanjay Khan had hit Zeenat Aman so much that the actress was bruised all over. The most surprising thing is that this incident happened in front of several onlookers who did not lift a finger to help her.

Zeenat Aman was supposedly shooting in Lonavala when an angry Sanjay Khan called her up from Mumbai and asked her to reshoot a portion of a song in Abdullah that had already been shot. When she reasoned that she had already given her dates to another film, he accused her of being sexually involved with the makers.

Horrifies with this, Zeenat left everything aside and reached Sanjay’s house. There she was told that he was partying at the Taj. She reached the hotel to discuss her dates, at which point the “atmosphere suddenly turned cold and menacing”. An inebriated Sanjay asked her why she had come to the hotel while his wife Zarine sneered.

Zeenat Aman, who had to return to Lonavala wished to settle her dates with him without making a scene. Little did she know what would happen next. Apparently, Sanjay Khan took her to the adjoining room and “let loose his animal wrath”. He beat her up, lifting by her hair and continuing to thrash her every time she fell. It was at this point that Zarine entered and began cheering her husband on. “Give the bitch what she deserves,” she shouted as she started attacking the actress as well.

All the guests knew what was happening, yet no one helped her. It was the steward who came to Zeenat‘s rescue, who by now had blood and tears streaming down her face. Even as she required eight days of medical attention to recover from this beating, she did not report Sanjay to the police, as she was still in love with him.

Zeenat Aman’s doctor revealed to the publication, “This is not the first time this man has beaten her. Once before, she was given a black eye and kicked in the ribs so hard that I insisted on an X-Ray for fear of a crack.”

This is really shocking! Well, we have no words to say. What do you think about this incident?

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