When Sonu Nigam Said Salman Khan Gets Rs 35 Crores For Adding Value To The Songs But A Singer Gets Rs 25,000
When Sonu Nigam Said Salman Khan Gets Rs 35 Crores For Adding Value To The Songs But A Singer Gets Rs 25,000 (Pic Credit – Sonu Nigam/Salman Khan/Facebook)

Ever since Sonu Nigam has slammed T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar in his Instagram video, the Hindi music industry has become a great topic of discussion. The quality of modern Hindi music has been a topic of discussion for a long time now but ever since Sonu Nigam has made explosive revelations about Bhushan, the discussions have reached an altogether new level.

In his video, Sonu Nigam asked Bhushan Kumar to remember how he used to request him to do music album Deewana for him. He also asked him to remember the time when the T-Series owner asked for help regarding issues with Abu Salem. That’s not it, Sonu Nigam also claimed that Bhushan used to request him to help him meet Bal Thackeray. He also mentioned Marina Kuwar’s case who had once alleged Bhushan for s*xual harassment.



Now a 7-year-old video is going viral on Facebook groups in which we see Sonu Nigam discussing his issues with Bhushan Kumar & Salman Khan. The video clip of his interview with Rajeev Masand shows him talking about Bhushan. Sonu Nigam tells how he was launched by his dad Gulshan Kumar but he himself launched Bhushan Kumar. He said that he has always helped him professionally as well as personally adding that Bhushan has been in a lot of dirty things and he got him out like a younger brother. Talking about the issues regarding royalty with Bhushan, Sonu Nigam said that his father Late Gulshan Kumar used to keep everyone be it a singer or composer at the forefront but alleged that he instead is doing completely opposite.

Sonu Nigam also talks about Salman Khan and his claim that singers shouldn’t ask for royalty because it’s the face of actors that makes a song popular. The singer asks if that’s the case every song picturised on these actors would be a hit. But there are only certain songs which are hit and others are not so there must be something that worked in the song, be it lyrics, singer or composer. He adds that he himself is a fan of Salman Khan, he is elder and he respects him and because you are adding so much to the song, you are getting your 35 crores fees. But the singer is getting 25,000 rupees. He suggests Salman to not come to a singer’s level because you are a king. Giving an example of the song Saare Ke Fall Sa, he says no one knows the singer Nakash Aziz and he doesn’t get shows also but if you give timely royalties to budding artists like these, they can sustain.

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