Things were rumoured to be tense between Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan until SRK paid a friendly visit to Akki on the sets of Blue. But things might not be as rosy any more.

When Shah Rukh Khan Stole Akshay Kumar's Thunder

Akshay Kumar was recently on a publicity round for his upcoming film Thank You with co-star Sunil Shetty. As part of the promotions, the duo travelled in a bus which gave couples free rides and had the media tag along. While the bus reached Bandstand in Mumbai, the bus had no option but to park in front of Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan’s residence. The crowd soon called out for Shah Rukh who came to the balcony with this wife. Soon the entire attention of the media and the public was on King Khan rather than Akshay and Sunil!

Did SRK do this or was he just curious to see the crowd in front of his house and decide to oblige them? More importantly, what does Akki think?

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