Salman Khan Bhasing Journalist At Interview
Salman Khan Once Gave A Befitting Reply To A Journalist ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Bollywood actors are often in the court of judgment where they have to face criticism from the world on their work. While they work day and night to entertain the audiences, many want to dig out more spice from their personal lives and mostly their earnings. On many occasions, Akshay Kumar has been questioned about the work he does and the money he makes out of it.

As Khiladi Kumar answers the question with sheer professionalism and decency, an old video of Salman Khan has been going viral where he is seen giving a befitting reply when asked about his work. Read on ahead to find out more about it!

In an old episode of Headlines Today, Rahul Kanwal and Salman Khan talk about performing at live shows and the money that comes from it. In the video, Bhaijaan is seen giving a befitting reply where he says, “Aapko isse kya aitraaz hai. Don’t worry about my moral responsibilities. I know my moral responsibilities.”

Salman Khan gets furious and adds, “I have performed to raise money. I am an actor….. I have paid my taxes. I can do whatever I want”. Taking this video, users are saying Akshay Kumar showed have shown a similar attitude when he was asked a similar question. Watch the video below!

As Akshay Kumar was heavily discussed after his appearance on a talk show with Sudhir Chaudhary, netizens debated about journalistic ethics and standards. While talking about Salman’s reaction, many users are applauding the actor.

Calling Salman Khan a “fearless superstar”, a user said, “This is the reason why political people stay away from Salman Khan”. Another added, “This fearless attitude of @BeingSalmanKhan makes him special. He stands out because of the same.”

An Akshay Kumar fan also commented, “Hai Akshay sir ke paas yeh attitude par kabhi behave nhi karte aise”.

Let us know what do you think about it.

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