Pooja Bedi Once Opened Up On Her Affair With Aditya Pancholi: "I Would Have Died For Him & Even Killed For Him"
Did You Know? Aditya Pancholi Had An Extramarital Affair With Pooja Bedi ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Wikipedia )

Actor Aditya Pancholi and Kangana Ranaut’s affair was one of Bollywood’s best-known secrets. However, not many know that the actor was also dating Bigg Boss 5 contestant and the charismatic actress-dancer Pooja Bedi. Scroll down to know more.


Pooja Bedi is best known for her Marilyn Monroe-esque pose in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. She was the bohemian 90s rebel girl, who often grabbed the limelight for her personal life more than the professional front, once opened up about her relationship with Aditya.


Vishkanya actress and Aditya Pancholi began dating when the latter’s marriage to Zarina Wahab started to crumble around the early ’90s. There were times that he would spend residing at her residence. However, their relationship took an ugly turn when Aditya was accused of raping a 15-year-old maid who was working at Pooja’s residence. His alleged involvement in raping a minor created a lot of storms. Even though he repeatedly claimed it was a consensual sexual relationship, Times Of India reports that he was found guilty.

In an old interview with Stardust, as reported by Bollywood Shaadis.com, Pooja Bedi poured her heart out about her relationship with Aditya and how it fizzled out. She said, “It was inevitable. Our relationship was as good as dead for a couple of months now. We were just holding on to it, hoping we could find a solution. But I guess things had gone too far. There were no drives, no dates, no going together to the parties, no meetings, nothing for a very long time. So, what could I do.”

She also spoke about what went wrong in her relationship with Aditya Pancholi. The actress said, “I don’t know what exactly went wrong. He just started withdrawing himself from me. He suddenly stopped communicating with me. He isolated and alienated himself saying he needed time, he needed breathing space. Maybe he missed his daughter and maybe I reminded him of what he had lost. Maybe he held me responsible and seeing me constantly brought back painful memories. Or maybe like my friends had warned me, he simply moved on! I tried every trick in the book to understand him. But I just couldn’t get across to him. He had shut himself up totally.”

Pooja Bedi further said what made him leave her. She said, “I think he wants to go back to Zarina. I don’t know, at least that is what I gathered. I think Aditya and Zarina are weaning towards each other. He probably broke off with me because he wanted to go back to her. But I know for sure that if he does go back it’ll be only for the sake of his daughter Sanaa… Anyway, since it’s all over between us, I think he’s entitled to live his life the way he wants to.”

The actress also narrated an incident when Aditya Pancholi had asked what would she do if he broke up with her. Recalling the incident, she said, “I know this may sound egoistic but he’s like the guy who has a diamond ring on his hand and mistakes it for glass. Aditya did not realise my worth even after all that I did for him. I loved him to the extent that I would have died for him. Even killed for him. He had once asked me what I would do if we ever broke up. And I had replied that I’d either try and run away from the situation and go to America or I’d haunt him. He asked me why would I want to die for a guy like him and I told him, who’s talking about haunting through death? I may die for you while you’re with me but if you leave, I’ll haunt you by becoming a great actress. Everywhere you turn you would find a poster of mine. Every magazine you opened would contain my article and everyone you spoke to would talk to you only about me. And he had laughed…”

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