When Himansh Kohli Opened Up On The Baseless Trolls Slamming Him Over Neha Kakkar, Read On
When Himansh Kohli Opened Up On The Baseless Trolls Slamming Him Over Neha Kakkar (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Himansh Kohli and Neha Kakkar were once upon a time the talk of the town. Although things didn’t end well between the couple, it was all out there in public. Last year, when the singer got married, Kohli opened up on the baseless trolls he received in his DMs and comments. Read to know the scoop below.

Kohli revealed that the trolls would often send him DMs and comment saying, “bhayi, Neha Kakkar ki shaadi ho gayi hai”.



In a conversation with India Today, Himanshi Kohli revealed about all the baseless trolling that he received when Neha Kakkar was getting married last year to Rohanpreet Singh and said, “I have been ignoring such memes, DMs, comments, mentions, posts, etc. for two years now. I have been subjected to pathetic statements on social media which have literally spoilt my mood at that moment. Think about it, you are talking about your happy day, your special moment, your new project, or simply wishing someone happy birthday, and all the comments below are about your past relationship which didn’t work out. I still get those and I thought it’s time to put it to end once and for all.”

Kohli continued and added, “I really want to request everyone who comments, ‘Bhai Nehu ki shaadi ho gayi’, ki mujhe pata hai! I’m happy for the newlywed couple and I’m happy for myself. I am sick of this baseless trolling. And if people are really interested in only making fun of me, at least talk about relevant and recent things.”

Meanwhile, Neha Kakkar recently celebrated her 33rd birthday with her husband Rohanpreet Singh and shared pictures of the same on her social media handle.

What are your thoughts on Himansh Kohli opening up on baseless trolling regarding Neha’s wedding? Tell us in the comments below.

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