Tanushree Dutta’s #MeToo movement gathered momentum as actress is gaining support across all the platforms. Lately, many Bollywood actors started reacting on her remarks of sexual harassment by Nana Patekar. Recently, Tanushree held a press meet to discuss about the whole controversy. Actress seemed fearless while talking to media as she took a dig at Nana Patekar and Raj Thackeray.

Explaining the purpose of inviting press, she said that it’s better to hear the story from victim itself rather than creating rumours. She took a dig at producers and actors association by terming them as ‘fake and bogus’, because they didn’t responded to her complaint.

Tanushree on Nana and Raj
WATCH! Tanushree Dutta Calls Raj Thackeray Nalayak & Nana Patekar Chindi-Chor

She alleged that Nana Patekar tried intimidating her by using political connections with Raj Thackeray (chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) and his political party, whose party workers attacked vanity van and created chaos on the sets. While taking pot-shots at Raj Thackeray she said that he and his party workers are goons who are desperate for power and just want to target innocents and create nuisance to show-off leadership. She quoted, “Raj ne apne jaise gundo ka jugaad kiya hai party banana ke liye aur apne gundo ko bhejta hai todfod karne ke liye”; “woh khudko prove karna chahta hai ki main laayak hu kaabil hu, naalayak jab apne aap ko laayak prove karne ki koshish karta hai toh todfod hoti hai”.

She further stated that Nana would be nothing if not offered movies by Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. Here’s exactly what she said, “yeh chindi chor hai, yeh bade actors ki aad mein career chala raha hai, Rajinikanth ne isko Kaala nahi di hoti aur Akshay ne Welcome aur Welcome Back di nahi hoti toh isko koi nahi puchta”.

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