The industry scoffed at Kumar Taurani, one of the two joint owners of Tips, when he said he had spent Rs. 50 crore-plus on a solo Vivek Oberoi starrer, Prince. In film trade circles, Vivek is considered a bad horse to bet on, after his line of flops. But the opening of Prince today (April 9) is so fantastic that Taurani is having the last laugh. Whether in Indore, Ghaziabad or Gwalior, multiplexes are reporting full houses since the early morning (9.30 a.m.) shows. Of course, it is just the first day’s initial shows as yet, and one can’t predict much about the film till the public gives its verdict, which will be clear after at least a couple of shows are over, but a grand opening for a solo Vivek starrer is definitely a pleasant surprise. Kumar Taurani’s sustained promotional campaign and the film’s hit music (Sachin Gupta) did the trick. That’s the film industry for you – anything can happen on a Friday; the biggest of heroes can get out for a duck, and the least anticipated film can click.

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