Actor Vicky Kaushal is currently geared up for the release of this first release of 2020 titled Bhoot: The Haunted Ship. The actor is quite vocal about many issues in society. This time, he spoke about the way LGBTQ people are looked at by society. The Uri actor wonders why people believe that being gay is “unnatural”, and adds that it is the most natural thing ever.


“I don’t get it when people say it is unnatural. By which concept is it unnatural? Because if I look at it myself, at no point was it decided that I had this option to be straight or be gay and I chose to be straight. No, it never happened like that. So I just feel it’s the most natural thing ever,” Vicky said.

Vicky Kaushal: Being gay is the most natural thing ever
Vicky Kaushal: “I Have Friends Who Are Comfortably Gay & That’s Really Amazing To See”

“After spending countless hours at the crematorium (for a movie), I realised the importance of existence. Everybody has to face reality that is death. So after being called fat, ugly or dark, at the end of the journey we all are the same — ashes,” he added.

The actor asserted that everyone goes through contradictory feelings about sexuality while growing up.


“When you’re growing up, there are always these thoughts, you don’t know which side you fall on. You make your ‘jigri’ dost at that age and you want to spend more time with them, and then you hear all these terms about being gay and you think ‘oh I wanna hang out more with my guy friends, am I you know??’. Everyone has those doubts in their mind about who they’re attracted to,” he said

Vicky Kaushal expressed his opinions on homosexuality in “Azaad Awaaz” series on Audible Suno. The show is created by Oscar-winning producer and LGBTQ+ advocate Guneet Monga.

Recalling an incident, Vicky said: “An assistant director of one of the film’s I was on, he sent me a picture of him and his partner. He said that he wanted to share it with someone and I felt honoured that he felt so comfortable and he believed in me. It was nice to know that there’s someone who trusts you so much. I have friends who are gay and they are comfortably gay and that’s really amazing to see.”




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