Tusshar talks about his roles, chemistry with his co-stars, upcoming films in 2012 and his marriage plans. Read on…

Tusshar Kapoor In Chaar Din Ki Chandni
Tusshar Kapoor borrows a few steps from dad Jeetendra in Chaar Din Ki Chandni.

Tell us about your role in Chaar Din Ki Chandni. You have two completely different looks in the film. Do you play two roles in the film?
I won’t reveal the secret whether there are two roles or a same character but I play Veer who is a son of a royal family who has a very strict father (Anupam Kher). He is an obedient son but he falls in love with a girl (Kulraj Randhawa) who is not from a Rajput family. How he hides the girl’s identity from the family is what the film is about.

The other character, Pappi Sardar, is exactly opposite to Veer. He is very energetic and an angry character.

Which character do you relate to in your personal life?
Earlier, I thought Pappi Sardar’s character will be a complete contrast to my personality. But after playing this role I find myself close to Pappi. You can say I have discovered myself after playing this character.

You have copied Jeetendra’s (Tusshar’s father) dance moves in the film. What was his feedback?
He rarely provides me with his feedback, but he may have liked it. How can he comment about his own steps? But he liked the trailer and promos of the film. He believes this film can be good follow-up to The Dirty Picture as the films are completely different from each other.

You worked with Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture and now you have worked with Kulraj Randhawa. Whom did you find more romantic on and off-screen?
I think both are friendly off-screen. Definitely Kulraj is new but she suited the Punjabi character brilliantly. Since she is fresher, she is more suited to play such bubbly characters. Whereas Vidya can play more mature roles and is suited for more classic and performance-oriented roles. She is the most seasoned performer.

Have you returned to comedy with Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum after doing some serious roles in 2011?
Well, no plans of chalking out my career in a certain way. I do what is offered to me and what I like. I had never thought that I would do serious roles in Shor In The City and The Dirty Picture. And there is no strategy to return to comedy with Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum. I am also doing Shootout At Wadala which is dark action film releasing in December 2012. So I will get a good mix of work at the end of this year.

Your co-star Ritesh (Deshmukh) in Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum has recently married, what are your plans?
Well, time will tell, you can’t plan these things. They take their own course and let us see what destiny has in store for me. But it was wonderful to work with Ritesh again; I think we have continued with same chemistry… it has been as good as it was during Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (2005).

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