On Wednesday, the Union Cabinet cleared the ordinance of making Triple Talaq a punishable offence and the words out of applause started pouring in, on the various platforms including social media. Most of the sections of people are backing the decision while others termed it as ‘unconstitutional’. The Triple Talaq’s issue has always remained a controversial and sensitive as religious sentiments are involved with it.


Bollywood through several movies touched the sensitive and bold issues of the society. Some faced the wrath from a particular section while others were appreciated. Some movies were even banned for its release.

Time when Bollywood talked about Triple Talaq!
Triple Talaq: Time When Bollywood Talked About It!


Nikaah released in 1982, probably could be the only movie that dealt with the issue of Triple Talaq. The movie was directed by B.R Chopra, in which he made a social comment on the Sharia laws of divorce (Talaq) and its misuse in Indian Muslim society. The movie starred Raj Babbar, Deepak Parashar, Salma Agha and Asrani. Earlier the movie was named as Talaq Talaq Talaq but later renamed as Nikaah, on the insistence of Islamic clerics. The movie was well accepted by audiences and critics.

Marathi movie Halal was also based on the similar concept of Triple Talaq. It was directed by Shivaji Patil.

There is a need of more such filmmakers, who can come up with such taboos in societies and express it gustily.




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