Bollywood has seen many adaptations of Hollywood films. While some become box office blockbusters, other simply bite the dust. The recent Hollywood film to have a Bollywood adaptation is Saif Ali Khan starrer Chef. While the original film happens to be an American comedy-drama that was directed by the well-known Jon Favreau, Bollywood’s Chef stars in the titular role and has been directed by Raja Krishna Menon, who had earlier directed the thrilling Airlift.


Today saw the much-awaited launch of the film’s trailer. Present at the event was the film’s cast and crew which included Saif Ali Khan, director Raja Krishna Menon, the lead actress Padmapriya and the very talented Chandan Roy Sanyal along with the music Mughal Bhushan Kumar of T-Series.

Trailer Launch Of Saif Ali Khan’s Chef: Cooking A Recipe For Success
Trailer Launch Of Saif Ali Khan’s Chef: Cooking A Recipe For Success

All the cast and crew recalled their experiences while shooting for the film. When asked if he has shown the film’s trailer to his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif Ali Khan said, “Yes. I did. Kareena simply loved the trailer! He added that, he wants to continue cooking even after the film and that his favourite food cook is spaghetti but it is fattening. So, my wife doesn’t let me cook it very often.”

Speaking about honing his culinary skills for the film, Saif Ali Khan said, “I had to learn cooking for a month at Marriott. Raja (the film’s director) wanted me to be comfortable in the kitchen and didn’t want to cheat the shot. I could be a foodie, but, I try not to be. I simply love Indian, Chinese, English… basically all kinds of food.”

When asked about his preferred company on a food truck in real life, Saif said, “I would take Ranbir and Kunal Kohli on a food truck tour”. On his film vis a vis the Hollywood one, he said, “It is a broader movie than the original Chef. It is a basically a pan Indian movie. We have covered a lot flavour of the country”. When a journalist asked about whether he was approached for doing Race 3 and with now, Salman Khan doing it, Saif said, “Ramesh told me last year about Race 3 with a new cast and new story. I wish Salman all the best. I haven’t been approached.” When asked about the status of his film Kaalakaandi and its tryst at the censors, he replied that the film had gone to FCAT, which “is a magic place where movies with lots of cuts go and come out with no cuts.”

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As for the director Raja Menon, when he was asked about how the whole Chef’s idea got germinated, he said, “The original Chef is one of my favourite films. I was offered to remake it while making Airlift”. Bhushan Kumar, on the other hand, was asked about his take on Chef, which mirrored the father-son relationship. To which, the ever soft spoken Bhushan Kumar replied, “One particular dialogue of the film really inspired me a lot. I will change my life after ‘kaam se pyaar’ dialogue in the film. I will give more time to kids and family”. Meanwhile, the film’s child star Svar Kamble recalled his Chef’s experience saying that “I simply loved all the variety of food and also the food truck”.




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